Thursday, May 19, 2011

so fresh and so clean.. uh


a collection of the flowers we've had in the house over the past month or so. wish i really knew how to edit so i could make these pictures look as pretty as they do in real life. oh well. it's easy to have fresh flowers in your house at all times when you grow them in your yard! it makes me SO happy. we have rose bushes everywhere that are blooming all over the place. so the yellow and pink roses up above are from our yard. we even have purple ones that smell uh-mazing. all the other flowers were purchased at trader joe's. best place for flowers. why? because they are so cheap! flowers are the perfect pick-me-up too. i can usually find some i like for under $5. putting flowers in our main room is so fulfilling, it just polishes everything and adds so much beauty. plus nate berkus says to have something natural/living in every room of your house. for anyone that doesn't have a trader joe's, i've found cheap flowers on clearance at walmart too. so go get some. put them in vase and then place them wherever you heart desires.

p.s. for anyone that asked about our fancy drapes, you can read about them in our tutorial here. new projects coming soon!

p.p.s. i realized that i never said which onesie grant helped sew a few posts ago. he did the grey polka dotted square. see it again here. and thank you friends for the sleeping/baby advice. we planned on using a pack & play (still need to get) or a moses basket that i found a while back. the moses basket would sit all the way down on the floor and our bed is high so i wasn't really liking that idea. i don't think i'd mind the nap nanny but i'm wondering if that may be too big for our queen bed......? i'll figure it out! can't wait to show off the nursery soon... we're almost done. 

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Traci Barnes said...

Wow, you must have a great yard with all those beautiful flowers! I hope they smelled as good as they looked. Count down for little miss...... We can't wait. I think we will come out the 23rd of June. Hope that can work.

lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...


Jennifer said...

I love checking out your, creative and refreshing. I can't believe your little girl is almost here! That is so exciting! I love your house and your projects and love, love, love the table Grant made. And seeing pictures from when we were little kids...Miss you guys and hope to see you soon.
(Grant's cousin) :)

kaysi van dyke fox said...

these flowers are too die for!! i wish i could have fresh flowers daily!!!

The Mister and The Missus said...

Fresh flowers in the garden are like my dream. They look amazing!