Friday, May 27, 2011

and he's all mine

a few years ago, on a saturday morning, i was getting ready for a friend's baby shower. i started complaining about my eyeliner because it had basically dried out and was really bothering my very sensitive eyes. being that it was my own fault (since i frequently leave the cap off) i was even more frustrated. grant felt bad, gave me a hug and kiss and sent me off. later when i got home that afternoon, i had more plans and decided to freshen up my makeup. i opened my eyeliner to find a fresh new tub! then i noticed that it said "i ♥ u" in the lid. my honey bunches of oats had ran to the mall and bought me a brand new one. it meant so much to me. i remember i couldn't stop smiling. how does he just think to do stuff like that? man oh man I LOVE HIM. i haven't been able to throw it away and so whenever i go through my makeup i just decide to keep it. funny how i've been keeping old eyeliner for sentimental purposes. i decided that if i wrote the story down... then i could let go of it. 

also when grant came home later he made me promise that if i left the cap off the new one then i had to use the old crumbly owie one. that is the practical side of my really romantic husband. :)

3 sweet thoughts:

angela hardison said...

what a sweet story, i love it.

kaysi van dyke fox said...

too sweet!! & i love that we use the same eyeliner!! haha. its the best!!

Tiffany said...

what a great hubby! cute story!