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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

highchair makeover

it's fun that trudy has a jenny lind crib as well as a highchair. craigslist has really been great for me here. i love the jenny lind style and it reminds me of my childhood. i didn't want to keep her highchair brown but wasn't happy with any color for it either. everything just felt too plain and solid. i had been in love with this picture for a long time and it made me want to try some kind of a pattern. then when jenny from lgn did her tutorial for inlay on a dresser, i was ready to just go for it and paint something. 

i didn't ever take a before shot of the whole highchair but here are some older pics of it and you get the idea.
when i first started, i was VERY discouraged. it's not the type of project for anyone that is a perfectionist, that's for sure. i don't think i'm a perfectionist at all but i found it pretty difficult to let little mistakes not bother me. i remembered jenny saying that once she really just let go and relaxed, the painting just started becoming a lot easier and i found that to be the same for me. it's taken me awhile to get used to little smudges here or there but it grows on me still and i think i love that it's one of a kind and more homemade looking.

now if only i could keep this little stinker from always trying to get out!

Monday, April 16, 2012

the office/guest room

the office/guest room has been a blah room for me. when decorating, if there is a room or even nook in your home that you love... you continue to put all your favorite things there. at least that's how it is for me. i love the living room and dining room most of all. so naturally that is where all the good stuff goes. not that the other rooms are bad or something. is this even making sense? well anyway my point is that i've been ignoring this room. i should call it the brown room. there are a lot of fun little nick nacks and treasures in it but all the basic furniture is brown.

grant's parents gave us an antique desk and barrister bookcase when we were first married. we love them a lot but plan to at least paint the desk. i put some wrapping paper in the backs of the bookcase (not pictured) to give it some pizazz because we decided we didn't want to paint it. well grant decided that actually. and i'm fine with that. since this room also functions as a guest room, our sweet and awesome couch is a sofa bed. it's one of my favorite favorite finds. i will have to take a better picture of it. it's super retro looking. we bought it off craigslist about two years ago and scored pretty big with it. the owners told us that it had been sat on less than a dozen times and never slept on. they were trying to get rid of a lot of things and so we gave them $70 and drove away with this chair, two glass coffee tables (very hollywood regency and just perfect), the sofa bed and a box of old books. it was amazing. while a dining room chair, high chair and dresser are all on the project list before anything in this room.... i've been keeping my eyes out for solutions to cure my office issues. these pictures are from my instagram and i'm counting them as a "during" check in. since we've furnished the room, hung certificates and artwork, threw in an area rug and put some curtains up... it's definitely not in "before" stage.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

changing it up

shortly before grant and i were married, my mom told me that her and my dad had planned to buy us a bedroom set for a wedding present. i was ecstatic. extremely grateful with an extra ounce of guilt. it just felt too generous. which should probably be my parent's middle name. oh i love them. and miss them :(. the set has been great for us. we got lucky here because our bedroom is huge and our set is too. but now that we've finally been able to spread them out and really enjoy them, we'd like to break up the monotony of the pieces. we're prepared for how HUGE of a project this is but excited for the change too. eventually when we buy a house, i'd love to put different pieces in different rooms but we don't have that luxury for now. 

for awhile i've really wanted to find a pair of vintage sconces. i love a little hollywood regency influence but am learning fast that too much of it can go in a gaudy direction. back to the sconces. so one night i was telling grant about my love for them and what i pictured etc. i hadn't really put any effort into searching for some because... well i don't know? not even three minutes later he had found some on ksl (utah's amazing classified source... seriously NOTHING like it in any other state)(craigslist doesn't even hold a candle to it). they were everything i pictured and MORE. czechoslovakian crystal sconces from the 50's. complete with european electrical plugs (we have to use a converter). which in our humble opinion, only makes them better. one thing that makes these eclectic treasures slightly inconvenient is that the light fixtures fit only european size bulbs. but thanks to ebay and only a few dollars we had them here in 2-5 business days. we didn't know where we were going to put them but knew that they belonged in our home somewhere. 

a few weeks later while we were out and about estate sale-ing, we stumbled upon an old junk shop. we were out in the back in a barn when i spotted a big gold mirror on the wall. $15 dollars later it was ours.  after trying every wall and not finding a good spot, we decided to take the mirror off the dresser and put  up our new beauty. after that we added the two sconces and voila! we are planning to change up the dresser but for now, here is our before and during. oh and i better make sure it's known that grant polished every single dusty crystal. which made quite the difference and now the lights are super shiny! and hopefully i will figure out how to conceal or distract away from those annoying bulky cords. linked up here.



Thursday, December 1, 2011

wall collages take forever

we spent thanksgiving in vegas. the day we got back, albuquerque turned winter on. the winds are so frigid here. and i think cold wind is the worst. i finally organized my google reader so i'm excited to get back on that. trudy girl is cute as can be and deserves five thousand blog posts. today she is six months old. i'd be bragging about her but there are too many cute pictures of her and not enough time to choose which ones to post. besides.... we are still decorating for christmas!!!

p.s. here's my attempt at some paint swatch wall art. fun!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

what outside looks like

i made this wreath. i'd give a tutorial but i think it's pretty self explanatory. i'm still labeling this post in the diy/tutorial category though. i had all the supplies for this in my craft collection except for the wreath. and i'm not sure that is a good or bad thing. i could spend hours walking down every aisle in hobby lobby (which eventually converts to $$$$$). no wonder it's called "creative center", it really gets my creative juices flowing. i think it kinda makes me a bad mom too because the other day that is where trudy spent her afternoon nap. in the cart. while i mosied around. i think i might (finally) post pictures of the actual rooms in our house. i'm just trying to make a cameroonian hat for a wall and then all should be good. i tried the tutorial on design sponge but it did not work (which was really sad). so we shall see how it turns out, i just love anything with texture. i do not consider myself to be a professional decorator at all, however i love making each room a place that is calm, pretty and "barnesy".

apparently i like design sponge projects... see my first wreath here. and has anyone ever noticed that twine smells EXACTLY like cow manure? like E-X-A-C-T-L-Y. as soon as i pulled it out of my box the house smelled like my grandma's farm. linked up here.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

stenciled napkins

we've been out of town for the last week and i'm slowly getting back on top of things. i'd probably be caught up on laundry and cleaned toilets if i wasn't distracted by trudy and her smiles. i can't help but spend hours just looking in her eyes and smiling. i think i've said this on here before but i really can't say it enough... she brings me an everlasting joy and it feels so good inside. it doesn't even compare to anything else that could bring me happiness. in fact she makes everything else seem like it's just instant gratification. does that make sense? anyway i'm trying to get a good balance of everything in my life. mommy time, wife time, cleaning time, blogging or britt time etc. i haven't read anyone's blog in forever. i feel bad too but i know i will get to it all soon. i just love being a mom. when i take trudy out and about, i can't help but talk to her. i am totally one of those moms who pushes their kid around the store in a cart and stops ever 5 seconds to say "trudy...!!!" or "peek-a-boo!" or "bleh de bleh de BLEY duh" (don't worry about it, it's just something grant and i say when we stick our tongues out at her). she is just so cute and i can't believe she is all mine!

as usual i have lots of posts that i need to get done. especially in the project zone. we did this a few weeks ago and i love it. one day when i was browsing tj maxx, i saw some plain cream napkins. i've been wanting a very plain and neutral tablescape and i've always loved the emersonmade stenciled napkins. since we already had these stencils and paint... it was easy peasy. i'm loving all the project ideas that come from pinterest too. i think it just lights a fire of inspiration and motivation under our bums. agree? it all reminds me of one of my favorite talks, here is the mormon message from it. his words just make my heart beat fast. he is my favorite. linked up here.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

trudy's nursery

i haven't posted forever and i really wanted to post the nursery tonight. so i hurried and snapped a bunch of pictures as the sun was going down and didn't have enough time to take as many as i wanted. so maybe i'll just add some more pictures to this post later on. a lot of things that are in the room are things that we have collected over the past few years. a few important details: we made the pelmet board out of a vintage table cloth i found, i sewed the polka dotted fitted sheet (and another one that is tan and white striped) (yay me!), my mom knew i wanted a bumper pad out of that fabulous gold stuff and surprised me with it, grant spotted that sweet old tricycle at an antique shop a few years ago and after sitting in storage forever... we finally got to pull it out and last but not least, that is my sweet winnie hanging out in the crib! oh and our dresser tutorial is here. i loved finding things for her room and i'm happy with the turn out... however, who knows when i'll let her leave my side and actually sleep in here!
trudy's nursery has been revealed at hope studios, tip junkie and sugar bee crafts.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

dresser before & after

time for a project reveal! since our nursery is quite small, i wanted to get a dresser and use it for the changing table too. we found this dresser on craigslist for $30 earlier this year. i have always been inspired by kate's credenza and really wanted to create something similar. i felt like i needed to choose a girly paint color like pink, purple or even a seafoam green. but when it came down to it... i just had to go with navy. it's my favorite color. i hoped that small details on the dresser would give it some femininity since i was choosing a color that was more fit for a boys nursery. 
kate also has a post on how to paint wood furniture the right way. i love that she takes the time to do posts like that, they are so helpful. after we painted our dresser and drawers with two coats of primer, we drew out the design we wanted to paint on the top on some practice cardboard. then we measured, drew and taped down that design on the top.

 painting was tricky. we did multiple coats of navy. since we knew we were supposed to remove the tape while it was still wet, we made sure to do that. however we removed the tape while it was still wet on it's third coat. if we could go back and do it again we would remove the tape after only one coat, then let it dry, then re-tape and paint again. this is because even though we were SO careful in following instructions and even bought the "edge proof" tape... the navy still bled into the white. which was VERY FRUSTRATING. because then we had to go around with teeny weeny paintbrushes and touch up the entire thing. it took a long time and was my least favorite part.
after looking at the dresser and knowing the end was near, we decided we wanted a little bit more white somewhere else on the dresser. so we taped again! this time we taped around the middle for a sweet little surprise.
after letting that dry. we did two coats of lacquer high gloss to make it as shiny as possible :) we put the new knobs on and brought it in! it feels SO good to be done with this project and i'm hoping that this little dresser lasts a long time with all the effort we put into it. i just finished filling the drawers with adorable outfits and i loved every minute! oh and because the details are the most important part... i added a fun surprise inside the drawers!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the table

Photobucketwe found our reclaimed wood off craigslist in the east mountains of albuquerque. we had a limited quantity with all different lengths and thicknesses. grant laid out all the wood and without any instructions, designed our table 100% from scratch. including the idea of putting our rusted hardware on the outside of the table. i am still amazed at how he pulled it all together. there were so many little obstacles he dealt with because every board was so different. because the wood was probably milled near one hundred years ago, each piece bowed in different directions... some had knots that required sanding the underneath just to make it so that they all laid flat. so much work went into each board. each piece has so much character.
Photobucketone big concern was making sure that the table was sturdy, especially since the wood cracked so easily because of being so old. grant pulled some tricks here and there and by the time we flipped the table over... we just laughed because it was SOOOO heavy and definitely DEFINITELY stable. :) he had to call a friend to help load it into the house from the garage, i could barely lift it from the ground.
Photobucketwe are buying a clear vinyl tablecloth to put over the table for meals. people always ask about getting slivers. we didn't want to sand the boards down because that would take away from all the reasons we bought this type of wood in the first place (color & texture). those flowers are from my birthday (aren't they so pretty? and ginormous?!) i'm so excited to have this table for the coming years. and i think the best part is that it was built by grant. makes it so meaningful. i love to just sit and look at it.

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