Tuesday, July 20, 2010


i was thinking about shoes earlier this week. i remember the days when i thought i just couldn't possibly look good unless i was in heels. i used to walk all over campus in heels. i was obsessed with stilettos, dare i say... maybe even dependent on them? ha, makes me laugh now. the other day i had to run a quick errand, i threw some clothes on walked out the door in less than 10 minutes. then i was thinking about how comfortable i was in my clothes. i was definitely wearing flats and i went about my business not thinking twice about what i was wearing after that. which is great. that is when you know that you've not only figured out your own personal style, but you know what works for you too. nothing i was wearing was restrictive or uncomfortable and i was still expressing myself. i feel like i always talk about personal style. the reason why is because i just remember so clearly getting dressed (back in the day) and never knowing what to wear. just being so confused. wanting to look like her or her. but my adventure of paying attention to what i like and mainly just who i am, has lead me to where i am now. i can proudly say that deciding what to wear takes just a few minutes. (this is also because i've learned to only buy what i love) 

on another note, shoes are funny. they have stories (as well as other items of clothing or accessories). at least mine do. i can name where all my shoes are from (unfortunately some are still in storage... wishing they were all here), how much they were and even special places i've worn them. for example... my sperry's (3rd on 1st row) that i blogged about awhile back... those have been worn in the bahamas. my tommy shoes (2nd on 2nd row) were worn almost every time i went to the eastern market in d.c. mmmm i love that place. my sandals (5th on 2nd row) have been a great investment. i remember thinking $30 was too much for those. but then thinking about how much they've been through... so many florida rains storms, which means pools and pools of water. gosh i love those. my open toe, camel colored, perfect heel height shoes (1st on 2nd row) were $0.25! and i've worn them SO much, the cost per wear? practically free. my eco-friendly shoes (2nd on the 3rd row) i wore in haiti. they have walked on sacred ground. my tennis shoes. well those i've worn lots of places. but really i think of my dad when i put them on. to him there isn't a cuter outfit on me than tennis shoes and a baseball hat (dodgers). ha

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Carolyne said...

I wish wish wish I was at that point in my life. It still takes me forever to decide what to wear. But, then again it has really only been this year that I actually realized that there are more clothes out there than a t-shirt and a pair of jeans or shorts and some rainbow sandals. How do you get to that point where you are comfortable with your clothes and feel confidant in how you look?

Carolyne said...

* confident.

Jess and Matt said...

Oh, I am a shoes girl. Your sperry's and tommy's are my favorite and I have those same sandals! I think I am more of a casual kind of girl, but I do love to dress up! I am still trying to find my personal style...ugggh. I LOVE your style though. You always look amazing.

Rose said...

Brittany it is high time I introduce us! I have been reading your blog for a little while now and wow did Grant do a great job picking you out! :)

Can I just say that I think you have incredible style? I think you are so classy, yet enjoy a good thrift store find. EVEN if its shoes that have been on someone elses feet. I love it! ALL!

One of my favorite posts was your thrifting finds. Every summer (my husband does sales too)one of my favorite things to do is hit up all the thrift stores in search of treasures. Im not sure mine are as cool as yours, but if you are ok with it, i would love to copy your idea of doing a post of all my recent finds.

Love your photography, taste, style, attitude and thoughts. I think we would make great friends!

Hope your ok with me following what you are up to! And tell Grant hi!

Rose Collette

angela hardison said...

love this. and shoes (i love shoes because they always fit). i haven't been able to wear heels since i broke my ankle; even though it's almost fully healed i'm just so scared of heels. needless to say i'm getting pretty sick of flats/sandals everyday.

lehi + sasha said...

oooo happy feet!

this makes me excited more for you-know-what!?
and did i tell you that i got ketchup on my sperry's?! bah... some guy spilled crap on my poor shoes. :(

it was a sad day.
lehi says that it adds character to it. he's an eternal optimist. and that is why i love him...

i still need to send you that list.

i'll get to it soon.

trudy...{and jamo} said...

this makes me soooooooooooo happy.
i love that you have found your style and you totally are constantly inspiring me to 'fine-tune' my style. isn't it fun?

such a cute collage of your shoes!
love, love, love you....and granty....

kaysi fox said...

you are darling brittany & i love you style!

Michael, Mindy, and Dane said...

I wish I could say the same about what I wear. Blah. You've already heard my rantings on my clothes, so I'll spare you.

Loving the shoe pics. What a fun idea. Thanks for the stories on some of them :) so fun to read!

emily+brett said...

i love comfort. but i totally get you wearing heels ALL the time a while back. i'm absolutly over that stage since having a baby...BUt (and that's a big BUT)i always need to feel sexy in some way. heels used to do that for my outfit and now ican wear a loose fitting top, skinny jeans and flats and some how feel naturally sexy... (am i makeing any sence?) it sometime seems like mom's make the excuse of oh i have a baby.. lame.. i have one too yet i still get ready.. it boosts my self esteem for the day:)

Elise and John said...

wow your making me jealous. As far as i can tell i feel most comfortable in jeans and a shade shirt...thats seriously what i wear all. the. time. And yes i'm starting to get sick of it. I'm going to have to take your advice again and try to figure out my clothes style...wish me luck

Anonymous said...

i feel the same way. my sandals i bought in a market in india survived monsoon season, my rainbows that lived through mardi gras, my favorite calvin klein heels i can't part with because i got them with my mom on a special birthday shopping trip...etc. such a great post! i haven't thought about all my shoes in a while. thanks *smiles*

Sophia said...

okay I love this! I seriously want to take pictures of all my shoes now just like this... so much fun.
Oh yeah and you can laugh at how dumb I am for entering your giveaway after it was over.
I rock, I know.
PS- i feel you with the "blah" post. I have been a bad "blog" friend the last two months.