Thursday, July 22, 2010

dear granty poo poo poo

oh hello my sweet. do you remember me? we have barely seen each other in this fun month of july. i've been blogging a lot lately because you are never here. and since we didn't get to talk much tonight here is a recap on my day. today i went swimming in the pool. aren't you proud? i actually jumped in! it was nice swimming around. i couldn't do any laps because there were these people (who came to the gate claiming they forgot their key but i suspect that they don't even live here) who were playing marco polo and they were just all over the place and it just made my swimming around awkward. i talked to a good friend after that and we got caught up on each other's lives. i came home and threw some laundry in, cleaned the kitchen, made myself some dinner (i hate making dinner just for me, so i resulted to tostadas. and for the record if i ever go on a diet, i will NEVER omit sour cream. i mean that would just be a nightmare) and watched some modern family. it was the episode where phil catches up with his ex-girlfriend. do you remember? and the best part is when phil says "why is everyone doing that sexy voice?" i also laughed out loud when phil says "honey? your doing that thing where you're saying what i wanna hear but you have a mean voice?!?" ha. hilarious.

i tried to listen to catching fire to get caught up with you but you never text me back to tell me where i was. because i forgot which disc i was on. well actually you did text me back but you were too late. and that is fine. because you are busy. also my brother blake called this morning. he was in the atlanta airport calling me before his direct flight to peru! of course for the first ten minutes of the conversation i couldn't even ask him any questions because he was too busy asking me questions! (as if i were the one about to fly to another country all by myself and teach people the gospel in a different language!) but i bet that doesn't surprise you. my brother mckay called too to tell me that he won his baseball game. tomorrow he plays in the state championship! and if that isn't enough, he is actually pitching the whole game! man i am proud of him.

oh also, i think i want to go back to being a brunette. i know, i know. but see i just feel so much fresher or something. i don't know. remember how you are obsessed with mustaches and always have been? well don't get any ideas now, even though you look pretty cute in this picture. i mean, handsome. i know you think that all honorable men have grown at least one mustache in their life... but you see... i think you really just need to understand that mustaches are for pedophiles. oh! and that reminds me! guess who is listening to the police scanner right now? yep, me. nerd alert. i wish you were listening to it with me. i clicked on chicago since it's the top feed. right now there is a man waving a gun around to cars driving by. okay and now he is shooting it up in the air. just dropped it and walked away. you'd think i would be scared but i just love listening so much, it's so intense. i feel like a detective. but just an fyi, i never want to live in chicago. listening to chicago and then switching to provo utah is almost comical.

well anyway if you can go to this link on your phone, you should. it's my new favorite song that i have listened to over and over. it's so fun to dance to. be surprised too because it's not a phoenix song!

i love you a lot and miss you so much. thanks for working so hard.

p.s. i hope you are drinking enough water.

love me.

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grant + brittany said...

Wow, reason #721 why I love my wife... this post! I absolutely adore you. So many things in here made me laugh out loud! Phil Dumphy is freakin hilarious! Why can't there be new episodes every day? I hate being away from you so much but reuniting is one of my favorite things!
Oh, did I tell you that your perfect yet today? You are. Britt without sour cream is like Britt without freezing ice cold water or Blue Balls Pistachio Almond ice cream! I can't wait to be with you, cuddling listening to the police scanner together. Catching Fire is legit, catch up so we can talk about it. Your brothers are soldiers. And I just started on my next manstache. Night beautiful.

lehi + sasha said...

ha. love this.
did you do my homework!?
i still need a full report!

and i need to STILL send you the list. i've been distracted a lot lately....

Keighley Fleming said...
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Keighley Fleming said...

I am going to copy and paste this letter into my word document... from there I will insert my name wherever you wrote Grant... followed by economical print. Then I am going to stuff the letter into an envelope and proceed to place it somewhere unique BUT obvious. When I get home from work tomorrow I will see the letter, take it out, and read it. As I read it I am going to pretend my husband wrote it... Just. For. Me.

Not really, but I will daydream about it. I love this letter. Grant is seriously lucky.

PS. listening to a police scanner sounds like the most amazing thing EVER. My stalking game would be skyrocket. I need one of those. Jealous.

wej said...

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Cydney Jensen said...

I love the letter! And Grant is need to read/listen to Catching Fire! It is SO good, and the next one is coming out soon!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

i could not live with out sour cream.
this is such a cute idea, i loved hearing about your day!
police scanner? cool.
brunette. yes. totally.
i am so glad you tumbled that pic from the french blog! aren't they awesome?!
love ya!

Michael, Mindy, and Dane said...

this is the cutest thing i've ever seen. you are so sweet. you and grant together are just perfect (at least...from what i gather from this blog. ha). go back to brunette? have i missed pictures of you with another color of hair?? i want to see! maybe i missed it. i am going to scroll through old posts. if you haven't posted anything, post! sorry you and grant are apart a lot. i don't know details of where you even are or what's going on, but i am sad that you are apart because i know how much it sucks. you are my favorite. that is all.

grant + brittany said...

Grant, I think you look amazing with a mustache I think you should grow a nice thick one like Tom Selleck!
PS I also think you are really really funny and smart and good looking...

grant + brittany said...

ha ha i hate tom selleck! and you aren't funny. at least not as funny as me!

kaysi fox said...

oh my gosh, that is so frustrating!! seriously, that guy was totally lying to you & was being lazy!! grrr. melting is the easiest when it is on dark hair because you can get a lot more dimension! i think you are better at doing your own hair than that guy was!! so frustrating brit! anyways, you & grant are too cute! seriously, stop being so cute! its not fair!! :)

kate lines said...

hi brittany! adorable blog you have over here... my little brother leaves for the mtc on september 1st! called to peru! which mission is your brother serving in?