Wednesday, July 7, 2010

palisade 2010

i feel like a horrible blogger and friend because i haven't been blogging a lot lately or reading and commenting on friends blogs. i'm behind on emails too and phone calls. i plan to do a lot of catching up this weekend....

last week grant started working in a (fabulous) area that is 3 hours from our house. since he was planning (with the rest of his working buddies) to stay for two weeks... (still there and will be til this saturday) he decided to fly me home so i could go to a family reunion that i haven't been to in three years. i was sad when we decided earlier in the summer that we couldn't make it down because i have so many memories from previous years at the reunion and mainly i just love my cousins and hanging out with them. so grant bought me a ticket at about 1:30 a.m. one night and i was on a flight home the next day. i was very excited to surprise my family. it was great timing too because my parents had just sent my brother blake off on his mission and i've been with them since, so hopefully i'm filling in that void a bit. they both say that sending the second one off is harder. we are all just missing him lots. 

every year my mom's side of the family goes to palisade lakes, a fun little lake south of manti. we've been going ever since i can remember. this year, one night we played "minute to win it" and it was SO fun. i hope i can upload some videos later. here are a few pics, our family is growing so much. so many little kids and babies. and if any of my family out there wants copies of any of these or any others just email me.

6 sweet thoughts:

Carolyne said...

How sweet of your man to buy you a ticket to go see your family.

Your photos are so bright and cheery!

Romney Family said...

OH how fun!!!

Elise and John said...

Cute pictures! I LOVE that picture of Jack sitting with Jordan, so cute. I love your camera. We're glad you made it to the reunion!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

how fun!
such cute pics!

Michael, Mindy, and Dane said...

you take such awesome pictures! you have serious skills! :)

i love this because i grew up going to palisades, so this makes me happy.

i was SO excited when i saw that you'd updated today! keep them coming!

i have like 9 million other things to say about this post, but i can't remember any of them. i'm glad you got to come home and be with your fam!

Traci Barnes said...

I am glad you got to get away. We have a Hatch reunion here next week. I start picking up people from the airport tomorrow. Cant' wait.

We love you guys and miss you SOOO much!