Thursday, June 24, 2010

the polaroid trend is totally overdone but hey... it's still fun to me

on our drive to utah we listened to "the hunger games". audio books have just become a necessity for our road trips. as long as its a story... i really like it. however church talks or any self help books, i'd rather just read so that i can study and remember them better.  i definitely recommend this book though. we were very into it. and since monday, i've had dreams every night that i'm fighting in a forest and sleeping in a tree. the story made me so happy and SO mad at times. we are looking forward to reading the next book.

our friends (the brown's) introduced us to pepper turkey recently. now every grocery shopping trip includes me visiting the deli and almost eating a half a pound of the pound i usually buy. i love it so much and it makes me really look forward to making sandwiches. mmmmm. so yummy. we are also still obsessed with blue bell pistachio almond icecream. it NEVER gets old. NEVER.

the last two nights we have been watching "gone with the wind". grant had never seen it and it is a classic that everyone has to see. right? i really hate that scarlett o'hara. i wish i could jump into the movie and tell her off. i do think it would be fun to be her for halloween. can't you just see grant being a perfect rhett butler?

grant and i are doing a lot of pondering these days. trying to figure out our future. my full time (and i do mean full time) job is thrifting. it's the perfect job. very flexible. i do my own thing and whenever i feel like it. the only problem is that i don't get paid. no really though, i go practically every day. i choose to do that instead of making flowers or figuring out what i want to do with my life. i'm really good at choosing to do something fun over what i need to be doing. maybe i should do another thrifting post. i keep saying we need to do more on haiti on this blog. it is difficult because grant's journal is a lot of writing and it is not organized in what we did each day. which is because everything was just so smooshed all together. i look at our pictures often and wish i could just go back tomorrow and play with all those kids. remembering them helps me to be humble and more grateful.

i get my hair done in a week or so. looking forward to it too because i haven't gone to a salon to get it done in probably..... five months? and i absolutely love that. i hate being tied down to hair appts every 8 weeks or whatever. ugh. yuck. i keep wearing pants every day because i only have two pairs of shorts. i just need to get some more skirts because i am dying. really. i just want cheap stuff. i don't need anything expensive when i'm just gonna sweat to death in them. i'm trying to still figure out how much of this or that my skin needs because i truly am living in a desert. which i still like. it's funny how different each state can be. even if they are next door neighbors.

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☂niki said...

it looks like that leg in the background(is someone sitting in the tree?) is grant's leg. well at least it did at first glance. i had to do a double take. so funny! what's even more funny is that evie literally chills with her legs up like that.

i haven't been thrifting in a gave me the itch!

i have been on the search for skirts for a LONG time now! i can't find any that are long enough or casual enough. i would wear a skirt every day of the summer weeks if i could...

check out gap for shorts. the gaps here have been having good sales(additional 40% off clearance) and they have a lot of cute shorts right now.

☂niki said...

ps. we made homemade pistachio ice cream on sunday. wish i could share. we still have a ton sitting in the freezer. i guess we share an ice cream obsession...

please do a thrifting post!

Carolyne said...

Yes, please do a thrifting post!! I love thrifiting too, but it's rather inconvenient when you have two small children under the age of two and a half. Thrift stores are never big enough for a huge honkin stroller. So, lately, I just hang out on Etsy. Recently, I found some vintage oxfords. I love, love love, them. Here's the link

Aren't they fabulous? And, your husband would be the perfect Rhett Butler. So funny.

The Bella Life said...

Wow, this post parallels my life. {maybe not the pistachio ice cream}
1.) Not only is 'Gone With the Wind' one of my top 5 favorite novels EVER but I watch the movie every couple months. I however, have not been successful in getting Michael to watch it with me. Scarlett is a complex character for me- I have a love hate relationship with her. {This is due to reading the novel}Anyways, have you seen the follow-up movie called 'Scarlett'?

2.)Pepper Turkey is the ONLY lunch meat I eat. I love it plain, on crackers, with a slice of cheese, in a lettuce wraps ... anything.

3.)Lastly, I too am always at a thrift store and pondering the future.

Why is growing up so stressful? BLAH!

"Fiddle dee dee. War, war, war. This war talks is spoiling the fun at every party this spring. I get so bored I could scream."

Keighley Fleming

David and Shalynna said...

David and I watched Gone with the Wind when we were dating. In fact, it was in the apartment that Grant and David roomed together in (you know, the one where Wes' bedroom was the living room!). Anyway, there were two discs. We watched one and at the intermission we both said, "Weird, that seems like it could be the end of the movie." We put the other DVD in to finish off the "second half" only to find out that we already watched the second DVD FIRST. It took a while to realize this. I started the book earlier this summer and now that I read Keighley's comment I think I should hurry and finish it!

Alix said...

girlfriend. i LOOOOOOOVVVEEEEEE pepper turkey. oh my gosh. I am so glad you have discovered this gem because it has been nothing but bliss since i have. I also think that thrifting as a job is perfect. that's your calling. you found what you enjoy so there you go. I am proud. lol miss you girl! glad you love the dessert but um, you're coming back right?

Michael, Mindy, and Dane said...

i can't even tell you how in love with this post i am. love, love hearing your thoughts and what you're up to.

SO glad you liked hunger games! i drooled over that series. almost. love, love it. and catching fire is even better than hunger games! i am DYING for the 3rd one to come out in august!

i am so with you on the 8 week appt. thing. and i need to get my hair done too. but can't decide what to do with it. decisions, decisions.

can't wait to hear about your thrifting!

i discovered the j crew outlet in park city this weekend. i think it is my new best friend. i bought a couple things, but i wanted most of the store. and i thought of you while i was there :)

just love this post. can't remember what else i wanted to say. but your blog is for sure one of my very favorites, so i was happy to see 2 posts in one week!

{Layla} said...

Did you know there is a sequel to gone with the wind, called Scarlett? it was made about 30 years later but it is definitely worth watching to get some resolution to the original story. I'm sure jealous of all your thrifting!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

i heard that "hungers game" was way good!
i fall asleep everytime i watch "gone with the wind". maybe i should try again.

i love peppered turkey. but i love sun dried tomato turkey even more! it is so strong smelling we have to put it in a bag and tupperware! yummy.

you are inspiring to us all to go thrifting, my friend!

oh! i found the best summer skirts at old navy! here is the link:

you should read the reviews....:)

the hopkins said...

YAY!! I was excited when I read your message, and to see this post :) I love reading all of your thoughts.
I too love pepper turkey, and so does Preston!
And I WISH wish we could just go thrifting together every day Britt, cause Preston is at work and Cohen and I love getting out and looking around.
Gone with the wind, hmmm I've seen it before... but don't don't remember it?? Maybe Preston and I should rent it one night... I can totally see Grant being him for halloween. haha!
Oh and Hunger Games. EVERYONE is recommending that book to me. Preston and I actually have it and have been reading it for about 4 months now... and we're like on page 50. ha. It is just really hard for us to find time to read together. Sounds like we need to finish it though.
Anyway love you :) Can I call you tomorrow on our way to Orem?? Like in the afternoonish? Cause then we'll be busy in Orem and Monday is our anniversary.

kaysi fox said...

i totally love the polaroid trend! so cute! ps. i LOVEEEEE pepper turkey, i always get that when i get deli meat! soooo yummy. i eat it just by itself too...oh my gosh that sounds delish!!

emily+brett said...

recomendation; thrift and sell!! i've seen your work and you have an amazing eye. you could sell your finds once you've put your own spin on them and make some bank. seriously, i'd buy FOR SURE!

love the pic i still love the polaroid. classic.

let me know if you find some good cheep skirts. i just hit up h&m (utah needs) in cali and scored a jack pot of long enough shorts (i have freakishly long legs:)but i need some fun skirts.

Reimstar said...

Awe I like hearing the little notes of what is going on in your life. You and Grant are so unique, I couldn't get Rob to listen to a book on tape if I paid him, and I think he would LITERALLY die if he had to watch Gone With the Wind! Haha! I love you and miss you!