Monday, July 12, 2010

for my cousin meagan

so apparently i believe in blogging whenever i'm in the mood. which is the way it should be right? 3 posts in one day is a record. might be a little random but here is a small recap on everything below: i had been looking for a globe for a while and found this one a few months ago. and now i may have more than one or two. i love the trend of collecting things (so does grant but his collections are not as cute as mine). i've been collecting green glass since i was in college. i loved this green pitcher. the next is the cutest pot holder i had ever seen. i felt pretty cool when i found the book in picture #4. vintage bedding just makes me smile, on our bed now we have some vintage pillowcases that my great grandmother sewed. the pillow cases below are so fabulous. and if i don't use them on a bed, i have fun plans for what i could make out of them. the sheets in picture #6 just screamed for me. they wanted me to buy them. books. oh books. you just can't have enough. this is a very small portion of all the old books we own. can't wait to find creative places to put them one day. and finally the pillow. i mean i could put that practically anywhere.

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Full House said...

Those are some mighty fun finds. Us thrifters get each other and the thrill of finding a treasure.

Have you used anything out of the Mastering the Art of French Cooking:-)

Ok on to read your other 2 posts in this record posting day of yours.

xx - Christina

angela hardison said...

awesome that you found the art of french cooking. (i just barely watched julie & julia, and my love for julia child was renewed). great finds!

Michael, Mindy, and Dane said...

i am so glad you did 3 posts in one day :) i have missed you via your blog.

thanks for your sweet comments. i was actually not thrilled with the way my hair turned out; i wanted it more blond. but whatever. so thanks :)

you are so good at finding cool stuff. i just buy crap and then i'm like, "what am i supposed to actually do with this?" and then back to d.i. it goes. love, love the pillow.

thanks for praying for fire :)

breelynvanleeuwen said...

Brittany my friend! I haven't looked at blogs in a lifetime it seems and today I looked at Trudy's from the last few months and I saw your link and I miss your blog! I'll stop in later and check out some of the posts I have missed these last few months I don't have time now but I love the few that I have seen and I LOVE the fun treasures you find! Pretty sure we are vintage soul sisters and both of us should have been born a few decades earlier when we could wear dainty dresses all the day long and pretty jewlery and no one would ask, "why are you all dressed up today?" because back then it would have been normal :)
I don't have a blog anymore but I wanted to say Hi! I'm in New York until August {P.S. I got hitched!to the mister Amazing I told you about at lunch a few months back :)} and we just bought a teacup pot bellied pig in hopes of keeping the crazy baby hunger at bay for a bit! She's a doll!
I'll send you a pic of our little one her name is Ruby.
You can email me at

I am hiring you both you and Trudy to decorate my house one day and I'll be ready for the cover of Good Housekeeping with you two on the job! Love your pics!

paige and jord said...

great items britt. love those vintage finds :) i am at DI all the time finding those old books. so cute
ps. in regards to your post below. i love spencer- its been so long since i've seen him, but he looks the exact same! love his style.

trudy...{and jamo} said...

okay. wow. full house commented on your blog-you are freakin famous.
and i am happy breelyn found you!

i love your are so inspiring to me!

i love you.

the hopkins said...

Ooooo this makes me wish soooo bad I could come search through these places with you!! Cute cute stuff. So cute. First I LOVE the vintage pillow cases that your great grandma sewed, especially because SHE sewed them. I really just love things with meaning. And I love the sheets you found, the anchor ones are so great. Love the pillow too.. and the globe.
So I just wanted to tell you that I love how in my post you commented on Cohen crawling up to me and giving me kisses. Most people commented on often feeling the same way about their husbands, which is just fine, but the reason I wrote the post is so I can remember how sweet it was of Cohen :) You were one of the few people who mentioned that in their comment.
Oh! and you did comment on my giveaway and tell me you liked the striped earrings! ... silly Britt :)
Let's FOR SURE talk this weekend okay? Will Sunday work for you? I think we just need to set a date... hahah.

p.s. melissa is 17, ha.

Sophia said...

Dude I love these things! And um... you are a fantastic photographer...seriously talented.

{Layla} said...

austin and i have talked about doing a little boy's nursery/room in a vintage sailor theme. those pillowcases would be perfect. such a fab find.