Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my best friend's wedding

it was perfect.

10 sweet thoughts:

ChloƩ said...

ahh! britt! i love these pictures! you look so beautiful (as always) and your friend jess looks GORGEOUS! what a beautiful wedding.. this makes me miss you tons.. :( i hope you are doing fantastic... i think about you all the time!

Reimstar said...

Awe that was beautiful. She is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations Jess and Tyler!

Megan said...

Where are your shoes from? I love them! Looks like it was a fun wedding.
xoxo, Meg

trudy...{and jamo} said...

oh my gosh, i LOVE these pics!!!!!!!
grant is such a great photog (that's my new slang.
i just love these.
miss ya.

kaysi fox said...

These are soooooo gorgeous!! Gosh, I just want ur wardrobe! Everything you wear is put together so perfectly!! It doesn't help my self esteem that you're gorgeous either!!! Hahaha! How is n.m?

lehi + sasha said...

ok, jess looks divine. like an angel. she is beautiful. love the picture of her hugging you. :)

and i'm still drooling over your j.crew skirt. i don't think i will ever stop. definitely worth EVERY PENNY!

Tyler said...

Oh!!!! What a wonderful day that was! I love you so much!

Did you know that along with the movie Celine release a CD and DVD of the concert?! Tyler just listened to me reminisce every detail! I wish I could relive both day...the wedding and the concert!


Ash said...

such a beautiful looking wedding and that dress!! It's to die for!

Whoever was taking pictures did a great job. So much joy and emotion was captured.

Love it!

Mariel Torres said...

she's a cutie! love the carriage idea :)

stephanieee said...

these pictures are beautiful! looks like a wonderful wedding! thanks for sharing! :)