Thursday, May 20, 2010

they really love green chile here

i think it's clear that life is just much more entertaining than the blog world these days. i guess we all go through phases. i like it here. the weather is beautiful, the people at walmart are so nice and friendly, there is more to do than i thought and grant is doing wonderful. our past summers we spent days off exploring all the thrift stores and antique malls we could find. there were lots on the east coast but i am happy to say that there are lots here too. i wish we had all our stuff in one place so i could just admire all of our fun finds that will one day go in a home. my favorite thing is to actually have something in mind and then find it! it's so much fun.

so recently i have come across something that has CHANGED MY LIFE. its called blue bell icecream. it is the yummiest ice cream i have ever had. made in texas and apparently exclusive to certain states. definitely not in utah yet or i would have known. anyway they have it here and since we've been here we've gone through 4 half gallons (2 gallons) so far. my family is coming to visit next week so i will definitely be loading up the freezer with more. pistachio almond is sooooo yummy. they even have cookie dough bars. cookie dough on a stick! and yes you get a chunk of cookie dough in every bite... (my dad will be so happy). don't know how i ever lived without it.

grant and i learn more about each other every day. i love that i get to spend my life's journey with him. i still feel so lucky every day. our communication gets better and better. for example the other day i spent hours in the fabric store (also hobby lobby "creative center"- love that place) and was really and i mean REALLY excited to show grant that night, what my next projects would be. so when i picked him up later, i had already thought ahead about how i could make our conversation go just the way i wanted. i said to him "so i have some stuff i got at the fabric store that i'm really excited to show you, can you just pretend to be my girlfriend and get really excited? it would mean a lot to me". let me also just add that learning to even just communicate that.... i mean let's just say i have come a long way. i never knew that i needed to tell him how i wanted him to respond, (how does he not know to jump up and down and act like fabric is the most exciting thing in the whole world??!? i mean hello?!?!) so anyway by the time we ate and got ready for bed, i could tell he was tired. i pulled out my stuff and i had all of his attention. this is when things went downhill. of course since he was looking at me and listening... i started taking advantage of that and talking WAY TOO MUCH. going into details about how finding a pattern is hard and you really have to have an imagination because the patterns are no where near modern and how they choose the ugliest colors and how maybe i could use these old glass buttons i had for this and how hancock's sales are so weird and random but at least they have them and........ well i noticed he was getting a little distracted. so i told him that i had waited all day to tell him this stuff and it didn't really seem like he was that into it. he then expressed that he was exhausted, had already been listening forever (hahah that part is so funny to me) and he just wanted to hang out, play on his phone and relax. then i just felt stupid because who wouldn't want to just lay down and relax after knocking doors for 10 hours. i felt so bad and so we came up with a conclusion, when i have something to tell him that is a little more on the girly side and i really want him to be excited about, i will only take about five minutes and just get right to the point. if i need more than that then i should probably just call a girl. i was very grateful to just appreciate our differences instead of getting offended or something, (still trying to understand why mixing patterned fabrics doesn't give him a surge of energy...??), we smiled and then kissed. maybe more, i don't know. but the point is i just love him.  i can't wait for one day where our differences will never ever be frustrating, when they will instead just makes us laugh. i think we are on our way there.

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{Layla} said...

omg, blue bell icecream is delightful. my favorite is strawberries and homemade vanilla. i was actually craving some just last week. enjoy some for me! =)

Jess and Matt said...

I have missed your blog!!! I am so glad that things are going well for you down there. I am excited to see what new projects you are coming up with! I love your creativity. Someday I will bombard you and make you spend a bunch of time with me so I can get inspired :) I am so proud of you and how you responded to Grant. I think I still would have sort of been offended even if I tried not to be. I have a lot to work on. Your comment(s) on my blog were so sweet. They always are, and you always make my day. I sometimes totally suck at my situation, but it's so nice to hear sweet things from people I love. thanks so much.

Ash said...

I've never been a big ice cream person but this blue bell sounds delightful! Hopefully Utah will get some soon.

I think the fact that you and Grant are so honest with each other already is phenomenal! It's great that you can each tell each other what you want or what your thinking and not freak out about it.

kudos to you two!

Michael and Mindy said...

i can't say enough how cute i think you two are together. so cute! i had something else to say..oh yes. i loved how you said "we kissed. maybe more" or whatever it was. haha! i love it because it was honest and funny without being tmi. i didn't read it and think "ew" i thought it was cute. anyway.. la la la

☂niki said...

you are darling. i have missed your updates.

sounds like we're living similar lives at the moment...

my babe is selling pest control here in houston and i like it a lot more than i expected.

i went to ikea yesterday and got a few things to make our furnished apartment a bit "more homey" and he didn't say anything about it when he got home...i know exactly what you're sayin. girls are just meant to have girlfriends for these very reasons. also, i can totally relate to the whole communication thing. it feels so good to finally have a successful discussion that doesn't end in an even bigger argument.

and please, post any and all thrifting finds! i want to see!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

yummmm!!!!!!!!! i want the cookie dough one! oh yummy!
That will be so fun to have your fam come down.
wow, you are really good at this conversation stuff. ha ha.
but exciting and cool! i am excited for your projects and thrifting!
thanks for the email. i didn't get overwhelmed, i loved it.
i am still grossed out by the blood and guts in the movies. YUCK! at least i won't be watching...oh! yum...i am going to email you something right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ChloƩ said...

oh britt, i just love you and have missed you sooo much! i hope you are doing awesome! i totally understand about being too busy eating icecream and watching TV to blog. TOTALLY UNDERTSTAND. i want to try that ice cream now. i had ice cream for breakfast this morning..and i am not feeling so good. but i still don't regret it.

i love the conversations that you and grant have. seriously, i do the same thing when i am excited about something. and i think about how to say it to sean and get him to be excited... i mean, what guy wouldn't want to hear about fabric? and periods, and something mean that so and so said? i don't get why they wouldn't want to!? hehe. so anytime you need to talk about those things, you can talk to me if you want :)

i hope you are doing fabulous. i miss you lots. moses wants to meet you. he told me. oh and you should send me an email of text with your account info so i can wire you that money... you know..for the drugs. haha jk. or i can mail you a check. whatever works. love you so much brittany!!!

Tiffany said...

I really like this post. How cool that you recognized the situation with Grant for what it was, and decided not to be upset. That's a skill that is hard to develop (I'm still working on it). Good for you! You're totally adorable Brittany!

You're right, Blue Bell ice cream is really good. The first time I had it was in Texas. They have some vanilla flavor that has some year for a name (like 1956 vanilla or something) that's really good for making hot fudge sundaes.

The Browns said...

so true... they really do love the green chili here. then again who am I kidding, I love the green chili here. i love love that you have eaten four 1/2 gallons of blue bell. we still have cookie dough ice creams bars waiting at our house any time you come. i wish you would just come over every day. so glad that u guys are here. s

craigo said...

BLUE BELL!! haha I served my mission in Houston and went through gallons and gallons of the stuff - I probably tried every flavor with Pistachio Almond being my clear favorite.

Tell Grant I said what up.

Traci Barnes said...

Blue Bell ice cream!! That was all we ate when I lived in Texas for 4 years - goo d memories. I think they use Mexican vanilla, and it IS YUMMY!!

It is good to get a reminder about male/female communication. I just love those Barnes men - they are the best. We made good choices.

Love you both,

Carolyne said...

Ha Ha Ha!!! This is totally like me and my husband. If I take WAY too long to explain something I'm passionate about, he usually zones out, poor thing. And, then I feel terrible because he works so hard, and the only time I have to hang out with him is at night when he is exhausted. I have learned like you, to not expect him to get excited about girly things because he's just not a girl.