Saturday, May 8, 2010

back in action

wow. it's been awhile. life has been crazy. first i have to say THANKYOU to everyone that wished me happy birthday! that was so sweet of granty poo. i'd like to say that i had a fabulous birthday but really i spent the evening and night and next day... barfing. and it was the most horrible thing ever. i have not thrown up like that since i was little, i think i had a little 24 hr flu or something. yuck. that following week grant packed up the truck and headed down to albuquerque to begin his first week of selling. i was soo lucky because i got to stay behind and finish all the cleaning. luckily i had so much help from my family and ward and it went pretty quick. i also made flowers every day and finished some styling services. i did happen to get a chemical peel (from jess for my birthday) and the girl that gave it to me was UH-MAZE-ING. she knew so much about skin and told me everything she was putting on my face and why. i have never been so impressed. so in case anyone is wanting her info... email me. then best friend jess got married. and it was the most beautiful thing and deserves a whole other post. this picture below is of the rest of our haiti donations that we were unable to take ourselves. we shipped 25 more boxes or so. ya, amazing. makes my heart smile. 
hope to be doing more posts from our trip soon.
after the wedding, we basically packed up the car with the rest of our stuff (leaving lots behind in storage) and got in the car. this drive was much shorter than our others. only about 9 hours, we are used to almost 40, being that both our summers before were on the other side of the country in DC and Florida. this picture was taken on the way down, southern utah is so so pretty. 

so here i am after a week in albuquerque, i have unpacked, cleaned and shopped. today we finally got internet and i don't know where to start besides updating. i haven't blogged in almost a month. i am very sad to leave our little home in orem. more than any other summer. i miss all my friends and family so much. :(. other than that i ate a whole bag of hostess donettes in walmart before i even got to the register yesterday. go me! 

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Tyler and Jess said...

What your only 9 hours away?!! YAY!!! I think Ty and I will be making a trip shortly. Ty just said yes...once we get settled! He said we can leave Friday night and stay SAT, SUN and MON and then come back on Tuesday! That will be so much fun!! Hopefully he'll enjoy the days of just Britt and Jess while Grant is selling (I didn't think about that).

I'm so glad you loved your chemical peel. I'm getting one on Friday!

I am so amazed that you had all that to ship. You guys are inspirations!

I am soooo happy you ate all the donettes! Great job! Also, did you get my email about going to the doctor?

This is a long post. See what happens when you leave! I miss you!! Can't wait to see the pictures from the wedding! I love you both!!!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

yay! back to blogging. seriously, i felt a void with you leaving and not being on the world wide web. i have been really sad that you are gone. just saying.
i didn't go to the beehive bizarre. uh.
i want to get a chemical peel. bad.
primary is FREAKING hard. don't worry.....
you'll have to tell me about what you have learned from your classes!
email ya soon! (like see ya soon)

lehi + sasha said...

it was so good talking to you yesterday.
i want you back. i need you back.
today was hell of a day.

i need to tell you all about it soon.

maybe my meds are making me super-mega-uber sensitive? or people are simply being super ridiculous. seriously, they are getting on my nerves. ya, pretty sure it's the second one.

anyway, i love you. can't wait to see you soooooooon!

kaysi fox said...

yayyyyyy, you are back!!! that is amazing, i cannot believe all of those boxes!!! wow!!!

Jaeme + Randy said...

I am glad you had a fun birthday and that you got to your new home safe! I'm excited to read all about it :)

Traci Barnes said...

We miss you guys already.... We will plan a trip your way though.

the hopkins said...

I have been wondering how you are Britt!! Glad you guys made it there and are all unpacked and settled. We miss you guys. And now you need to start updating again okay :)
And uh... a whole box of donettes sounds really good now. ha go you!
And that's great you guys shipped all those boxes to Haiti. It really is amazing how much people donated and how much you were able to help.

Reimstar said...

I can't not even tell you how much I miss you! Everytime I go to the grocery store I feel like you should be with me, and a couple times I have almost called you to see if you needed me to pick anything up for you! No joke. Its weird being out for the summer without you! But I hope everything is going well down there :) Love you!