Saturday, October 24, 2009

yucky week.

grant told me tonight that he wants to move away to a desert island. where we can only wear banana peels and his only responsibilty is to build me shelter and get me food. oh and we can have lots of babies too. i think it sounds wonderful. so tomorrow we are flying to the island where lost was filmed. i mean it seems like they always have an endless supply of fruit anyway. just kidding. round two of picture taking will be this weekend. that is something to look forward to. oh also my mother in law, leisa sent me a halloween package with some spooky cookie cutters. how cute is that?

4 sweet thoughts:

BrentandSophia said...

Such cute pictures, I could die.
shall we have a craft get together this week??

Anonymous said...

ahh i love these pictures! so cute. i can't wait to see the rest! and don't worry, i am not as optimistic as you might think. after i wrote that seemed like everything else kept going wrong. i almost had a panic attack at my work. it took a lot for me to get it together.. anyway, i am so sorry that it has been a yucky week. if you need anything, please let me know!!

Jake and Jenna said...

can we come with you? please? jake is REALLY good at climbing trees to get fruit, especially mangos and coconuts. and we can share my baby until you have one, and then we'll just keep on having them. i might not look fabulous in banana peels, but i'm pretty sure i can pull off some coconuts.

Michael & Mindy said...

let me tell you about dinner in a pumpkin. if you want me to be completely honest, i will. i don't actually have the recipe. i will get it from my mom this week. but basically it is hamburger, rice, cream of mushroom soup, and then i don't know what else. you hollow out a pumpkin, put the mixture in it, and then bake it. i guess it is good to scoop some of the side of the cooked pumpkin out to eat with it when you eat it, but i don't do that. i just know my husband likes it. my only reason for baking it in a pumpkin is to try to be festive. you can do it in a baking dish and get the same result. i will get the recipe for sure and then let you know. it tastes better than it actually sounds.

oh. and i don't know whether or not i already commented about this, but i love the pictuers. way cute.

also. i like your style blog. i will read it if you update it :)