Friday, October 23, 2009


so forever ago i started to get sick of updating my wardrobe styling blog, pretty visage. it was turning into a burden. when i first started it, i had no goal in mind. just wanted to jot down some stuff. i've just been so confused about what i want to do with my training in general. after blogging fashion for a bit i realized that it was NOT a priority to me to blog fashion or i guess, more than that... to have some big popular fashion blog. bleh. sometimes i feel so self conscious about not having some perfectly organized plan about my career future. but then i'm like "whoa, brittany RELAX. it's okay to not know what you want right now, it's sort of the stage that everyone is in at this age". i love when i have thoughts like that because i can finally give myself a freaking break. anyway so after i decided to quit that blog... i realized that i actually miss it so much! so from now on i might be throwing out some tid bits of my inspiration or even advice, because it's fun! it feels better to just do it whenever i want, versus having to update my style blog regularly. plus the styles right now are eating at my soul and i need. to. vent. i can't stand people dressing their beautiful bodies with ugly drapey blah that just ruins their entire shape. and this whole craze of not matching is really just going WAY too far. people are trying SO HARD to look like they DON'T care and it's kind of oxymoronic. or just regular moronic.

a few people have asked me about my etsy. i guess i need a soldering iron now? ugh. i thought making jewelry would be easy peasy. i guess it would be if i wanted to sell crap. i just want to make sure it's perfect. i also made some pillows. amy butler euro shams, standard shams and some little guys too. i am too obsessed with pillows. so it will all be coming soon! anyway i'd like to end this with a great big hug to all my bloggy friends that always comment on my blog. your words always make me feel really special and never fail to brighten my day!

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Jaeme + Randy said...

Hey Brittany this is Jaeme (Jensen). Your blog is so fun! I COMPLETELY agree about the style lately. I don't know what the deal is with not matching but it drives me crazy. A little bit of randomness and creativity is great but it is going too far and it does not look good at all. I vent about this to my husband a lot haha. Anyway, great to see you on here, it looks like you are doing good!

Anonymous said...

aww britt, i love this post. i love when you talk about your feelings. it makes me feel like i am not the only one. i really want to see your etsy stuff. i bet it is amazing. you will have to teach me how to make some pillows.

yes, i agree with you, some people try to hard to be different and not match and really they just end up looking like everyone else. i love your style. it is so classy and soft and i wish i could dress more like you. i love that picture you posted by the way. you are absolutely beautiful and i am so jealous.

i have always admired your style and it is not only that. you are just a genuine classy person. i was telling sean about it after we went to the circus. you are so thoughtful in your words and you are very eloquent. yet you are also super awesome and funny. i love it. i am glad we are friends. wow i didn't mean to go on forever. anyway, love this post, love you, here is a virtual hug. the end.

Anonymous said...

i have NO idea what i am doing with my life. i am starting to be okay with that. somedays i cry to sean and feel pathetic. but i know that i am in a good place and that everything will fall into place someday. you are not alone. you are a very talented girl, and i know that you are going to be very successful in life! whether that be careerwise, or familywise, i am not worried about you! :) have a great day britt!!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

i love this. i love that you are so real. i love that you are YOU. i love that you are awesome at your styling. you are so amazing at it, i look up to you soooooooooooo much.
i need to relax, i get so stressed out about doing hair. seriously gets me depressed. i am glad i am not the only who stresses.

i love you.
i am excited to see the pillows!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

oh! pretty picture, is that from your family shoot? i can't wait to see them!

David and Shalynna said...

Cute photo! Did you get your camera yet???

I'm going to AZ this weekend. Call David if you want a really fun person to hang out with. :) Maybe you guys could talk "camera talk" or something.

And by the way- you are not the only person that gets discouraged about careers. My dream is to be a dental hygienist, but that dream is very far away!

Tiffany said...

I totally need some cute pillows for my new couches. They are so boring right now. I also need a wardrobe/fashion session, seriously! I think that's awesome that you have a blog for fashion stuff.

paige and jord said...

i went to go look on your blog one day and saw that it was gone??!!?
so im happy to see that you will adding some tidbits on your own blog. keep it up brit. you're awesome and what you do.