Monday, October 26, 2009

michael john jones.

last saturday i awoke to a phone call from my mother. she informed me that my cousin Mike (36) had passed away the night before around 11:00 pm. i was completely shocked. it broke my heart to think about the life he was leaving behind, his gorgeous and sweet wife dena (my favorite), two beautiful children jade (11) and skyler (9) and many more. even though he lost his life due to a very long battle with an addiction, we are all so comforted to know that he's in a much happier place. he had such a sweet spirit that i will miss. a testimony of christ that everyone spoke of this weekend. dena and the kids have been staying with my family and i've had some time to be around them this last week. the funeral was absolutely beautiful. my dad gave a talk that had me bursting in tears. i feel very lucky to be a member of our church and know about the plan of salvation. funerals are hard enough. i pondered a bit about blogging about these events (i am still very sad and feel very sensitive these days, i can't even type this without sobbing my eyes out. it's pathetic), but decided that the pictures we took will be pictures that remind me of happy things that i want to remember. we were grateful to capture so many uplifting moments at the grave site, this would have been a little more difficult at the prior events. there is at least one positive thing about death, it truly brings family together. you can't survive things like this without the ones you love.

i don't usually caption my pictures but i can't help it this time.

his wife dena and daughter skyler


dena and her girlfriends from junior high.
a picture that i know she will love.

my youngest brother cameron. aka "cam the man."
he OBVIOUSLY loves the camera.

i wonder when the day will come that this picture doesn't make my eyes water up.
mike's two children skyler and jade.

my dad, and two of my brother's, spencer and blake.

my 2nd cousin, nicco.

my dad, me, cameron, mckay and nicco.

mike's brothers and mom; my aunt and cousins.

no she was not posing, just pondering.
she loved the roses. skyler, mike's daughter.

my mom's shoes. that i found at D.I. for $1.
i know, i know. i'm amazing.

my aunt terri. we love each other a lot.

handsome grant.

i was sad this turned out kinda fuzzy. but it was so cute.
she was saying to me, "look how pretty my flowers are!"

i love them.
my mom and brother
spencer has such a contagious smile
jones family tradition. a true love for the dodgers.

we will miss you mike. we love you so much and can't wait to see you again.

12 sweet thoughts:

Jessica Leigh said...

Britt that was beautiful. You have the sweetest heart. I love the pictures and I love you!

Anonymous said...

brittany, these are such sweet pictures. this was a beautiful post. so well written and respectful. those pictures are amazing, and i am sure dena will appreciate those. when we talked about this the other night, i just couldn't help but admire how you handled it and your perspective on everything. you are incredible. thanks again for letting us come over the other night! you guys are awesome.

Dallin and Megan said...

Britt, I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful family you have! Strong and beautiful. Your pictures are perfect and your family will love having them to look at and remember the the happy moments of that day. You should get this talk on CD called "what's on the other side" by Brent L. Top. It's amazing and helped me through two major losses.
p.s. Your blog is amazing!

Rachel Leigh said...

I was so sad when my mom told me about Mike! I am so sorry! How is the rest of the family doing? You look beautiful by the way.

traci said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. Funerals are such a hard thing, but we learn so many important things that we take for granted every day. Thanks for reminding me of how lucky we are to have the simple things. I know I don't know you super well, but I absolutely love reading your blog and all the neat things you have to say.

ps. I hope I'm not being a creeper by saying that!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

oh britt, i am so sorry. this is so beautifully done. thank goodness for the plan. i love you.

The Hopkins said...

Britt, I'm still so sorry to hear about your cousin. I completely agree though, things like this bring your family closer and your love grows for each other. I'm sure your dad gave an amazing talk. Aren't we so grateful for the knowledge we have.
On another note, I can't believe how big your brothers are getting, especially cameron and Mckay! I love the Jones family. oh, and cute dress :) I still want to go their with you someday :)

David and Shalynna said...

So sorry to hear about your family's loss. I hope they'll all feel comforted at this time. I love what you said about trials/death/sickness bringing families closer together. It is so true.

Have a great week!

Rach Romney said...

I am so sorry about your cousin! I agree he is in a much better place, and we are so lucky to have the Gospel to know we will see our loved ones again! You always do such an amazing job with your posts! Hope you guys are doing good!! HOpe to see you next week at Meghan's shower! I am sure missing all our cousins!!

Ryan ♥ Breelyn said...

I'm sorry to hear about this event but you really captured the day in a beautiful way! The gospel is so comforting at times like this.

Your husband's costumes through the years are HILARIOUS! Ha ha ha I love that he has such a great time dressing up! Ha ha ha.

The desert island idea sounds wonderful! I would love that too. Sometimes life gets too crazy doesn't it! Especially during school- BLAH!

I love that you have a passion for clothing and you'll find a perfect way to use your talent I just know it! I love buying pillows! It's a bit of a problem because I don't have anywhere to put them but I just keep buying them! So I will for sure love your etsy page. Can't wait to see it!

paige and jord said...

those are such sweet pictures brit. and i completely agree... funerals are definitely a way to bring families closer together. what a blessing to know that life here on earth is not the end.

Jake and Jenna said...

i didn't even know. i'm so sorry brit. beautiful pictures.