Friday, January 2, 2009

Dinner & Fire

Doing a lot of catch up so keep scrolling down!
I recently went to dinner with my friends from college and high school.
Always fun to catch up and eat together. So many memories!

Jess and I

Kirst, Me and Ash


Me & Linds

After dinner, Grant and I went to a bon fire and took a bunch of pictures.
Throwing in a couch

I love hanging out with him. He is still my best friend and
I feel so grateful to grow closer to him every day.

6 sweet thoughts:

Dave and Lindsay said...

LOL...I totally remember that. That was pretty funny. I feel sad that I couldn't make it to that girls night. Megan wants to get together really soon though with me, you, Trudy and her. We are thinking one of these Saturdays in January.

Rach Romney said...

It always fun to get together with friends and catch up! Looks like you two had an Awesome Christmas! Britt, I love the pictures that you made for your family, they are so amazing!

Nate and Bre said...

What is Christmas without a big fire burning with the help of furniture? You two are adorable.

Trudy and Jamo Fitt said...

Cutest post ever! You look soooooooo freakin cute! I love your hair, outfit, everything! I am so sad I had to work!
We never got together for lunch on Friday, that's why I didn't bug you about it. Hopefully we'll get together soon!
Grant has the best eyelashes! I love that pic of him by the fire! Awesome photography skills girl!
I can't wait for you to call me, I have been wondering what you're going to tell me! :) Talk to you soon! We need to double asap! hello!

The Young Family Inc. said...

How did you do the picture of you infront of the fire!?!? Amazing.

Dallin and Megan said...

You are sooo BEAUTIFUL!!