Friday, January 2, 2009


Christmas was with my family this year. 
We had so much fun with them and they spoiled us rotten. 

Highlights of the Holiday....

Ticket to Ride

My daddy's money jar. He has been filling this for years... It's getting so close. Everyone was trying to find all their extra change to fill the jar for him. My brother Blake gave him over $80 in change for Christmas. He still doesn't know what he is going to do with it all when it gets exchanged... all he knows is that he wants to make memories with it!

Spencer, Me & Blake.

My parents hands on their wedding day.

Yes. This was the biggest shock. I still can't believe my mom.
 Isn't it just a necessary for every home?

4 sweet thoughts:

The Young Family Inc. said...

HOLY SMOKES! A new sewing machine!?!? Think of all the formal-dinner-cruise wear!!!

Trudy and Jamo Fitt said...

Britt! You are so good! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the canvas pictures you gave your family! You are too cute! I am very excited you got a sewing machine!!!!! I love your dad's money jar-how fun!
When is your brother getting home from the mission? Soon?

liz jones said...

I love this song thats on you blog! and we need to talk since you have a sewing machine.. i can't show and i have an idea for a yoga bag im thinking that we should do a little business....

Dallin and Megan said...

Wow, those are amazing! I LOVE canvas.