Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Da Browns

Our lives are a little less Brown lately. Because life always has to change, our favorite Browns have moved away and we are still mourning. Even though we know that we will continue to see them, it won't be as much as we'd like. Troy and Teri....... we hope you know how much we'll miss you! Hope you made a safe drive and that baby boy Brown is doing wonderful. Love ya!
(Teri, next time we see each other, lets try to take more pics together. We are pathetic.)

P.S. We're keepin' it Brown up here in Utah, Herro Prease, of course we are... if you don't think so we're gonna wipe the floor with ya, then whup yer @** for not gettin' in the corners!

4 sweet thoughts:

The Browns said...

Our hearts hurt a lot bit when we read this post. We are so sad to leave you guys. We have already made so many fun memories together, and although we will still make more in the future we are so sad to be so far away. Prease prease prease lets keep in touch. Thank you for the sweet post. Much love.

DAA Browns

Zach and Katie Hillstead said...

sad. i am sad.

The Young Family Inc. said...

Sorry for your loss. You guys seemed like great buds. I'm sure you'll be friends forever.

Reimstar said...

Yes, dido :( I say we boycot new mexico and make them move back!