Sunday, December 21, 2008

Children's Hope

Before Christmas arrives I wanted to get completely caught up with the blog.
A month ago we were in Sacramento attending a beautiful presentation by Grant's mom; Leisa. She is an incredible woman; for those of you who don't know her here's a brief bio:

Leisa is a passionate political activist, an accomplished fine-art photographer, and a selfless humanitarian. Among many other remarkable achievements over the past number of years she has become deeply involved with providing support to the country of Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere, by founding the humanitarian organization Children's Hope. She rallies support and raises awareness in the relief of those struggling to survive there. She collects medical supplies, children's school supplies and the like and regularly brings them down in person to HaitiShe is currently pursuing graduate degrees in development sociology and third world political economy at U.C. Berkeley.  

U.C. Davis asked her to provide photos from her trips to Haiti to be displayed in 3 buildings on campus. She gave a tour of the buildings and a brief background on each riveting photo. Her photography was breathtaking--really capturing the spirit of the people and their daily struggles. Unfortunately the pictures we took of her work don't do justice to them, but they'll give an idea.

Caleb, Leisa, Grant, Brittany & Luke.

Standing there looking gorgeous.

"Peaking Out The Door"

"Right Between The Eyes"

"This cell is so small and crowded, these men take turns alternately sleeping,
 then keeping rats off those who sleep without mats."

"Girl in Pink"
"The pink algae-bloomed pond is her playground."

Leisa during the tour, explaining the story behind each photo.

Even though it was a really short trip (2 days),
we all had a great time together. We laughed so much.

Poor Luke.

Other than my own brothers, these are my favorite boys.

After Leisa's presentation the boys couldn't help but mess around with Luke.

A statue on campus.

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Trudy and Jamo Fitt said...

Your mother in law in amazing!! What a wonderful person! It looks like you had so much fun! Luke is so cute!

abby said...

two of my nieces are from haiti. one we are actually still waiting to come home. waiting for close to three years! my sister-in-law has tried to express to us the poverty she's seen there as she visits, but these pictures say a lot. they are really moving. how cool that she is bringing such awareness!

The Young Family Inc. said...


On another note, I LOVE your boots.