Tuesday, June 19, 2012

everything about it was perfect

so i've really been wanting to blog about a million trillion things. especially trudy's birthday, but i can't force myself to blog when i don't want to, when i want to put time into a post i've got to be in the mood. szzsshuuuuu know? plus i wanted to move the last post down because the green paint on that stand just looks so off and it's been bugging me. so i'm taking a quick second to post the announcement of the american idol winner. i know that america was watching when it was live but i feel like it all was so memorable and i love watching it over and over. i was a fan of phillip from the beginning, he is so authentic and true to himself. i laughed so hard when he responded to ryan about some criticism earlier in the show from Jimmy, "No, I'm just being myself, dude. I'm not trying to walk around stage and touch people's hands and stuff. That's just not me. I'm just having fun, man. I'm not trying to be somebody else. I"m just trying to play music."

so my favorite parts in the clip, you can tell that when ryan announces his name, for the first few minutes... it hasn't really hit him. i think he is just going through the motions...(yay!! woohoo!! from everyone, blah blah). then ryan addresses him again, telling him congratulations and phillip just looks away and shakes his head. que the music (pry the best song choice by the way, definitely my favorite winner winning song)..... and then as he starts singing it seems as though he is completely overcome by it all, when the confetti starts falling i feel like it's all so magical. i know that i'm a nerd but i don't care. when he decides he's had enough, i really love how he doesn't follow any rule or expectation, just hands his guitar over, walks off the stage and hugs his family. i just love it!

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Tyler and Jess said...

We were meant to be best friends. I have so many emotions about this! I'll have to write them all later, I'm just running out the door. Don't worry, when people see what I have to say they'll TOTALLY think I am a nerd! I love you!! Fran says, "Hi Trudy!" Really, she said that.

emily+brett said...

dito everything you said about phillip. he is hands down my favorite winner thus far. loved his humbleness. brett always hated the way i would swoon over him. there was just something that made him lovable.

Chelsea said...

It's so funny, I don't watch this show at all but one night my mom was over and all amped about the finale. I decided to turn it on and watch with her and it took about two seconds to be endeared to this talented guy! Then and even now, re-watching him win makes me all flustered! :) I absolutely love his style of music!

Tyler and Jess said...

I could go on forever about Phillip. You know me I don't just like something, I become borderline obsessed. I'll save my thoughts about the entire season for a time when you can answer me back and we can get all excited. You know like when we start talking really loud and jumping on couches just to make our point! Here are just my thoughts on the video. (Kinda wish I could just tell you this and that know one else could read it.)

#1 I love when Ryan says, "Come up front." He is so sweet and humble he doesn't even stay in the front.
#2 I know you don't like him, but Ryan did such a great job. I love when he pats him on the back and says, "You did it."
#3 I love his niece crying. And I love Jennifer's smile. You can't help but love Phillip and want him to win. He just makes you feel good inside.
#4 When he starts crying. I still cry. The best moment...ever.
#5 Most importantly, when goes to his family. I love it. That is what I want. That is why I've always wanted to be a mom. You can see how much they love each other. It is beautiful. I just remember thinking that is what it is all about.

grant + brittany said...

jess since when i have not liked ryan? you crazy. i love ryan. like LOVE ryan.

preston. shawnee. cohen said...

Oh, like Jess I could go on about him. Preston and I loved him from his first audition, and the closer it got to the end we wanted him to win sooooo bad. Not only for his style of music, which we love, but for the wonderful person he is. My sister wasn't watching it this season, and one night we stayed up late and I made her watch like every song of his... she didn't love him like I did. So I was glad to read this post! I burst into tears during this whole thing... it was so cute and sweet.

And since I haven't blogged/commented on blogs for soooo long I have like a million things I could say to you!

Trudy in the pool, she's such a doll. I think my favorite picture is the one where she is biting Eeyore's nose. So funny.

Love all your thrifting finds and diy house projects. You're inspiring me and getting me excited to decorate a house! And yours is beautiful by the way.

The readers digest books are awesome. I actually have a few of them (just from d.i. though) ....I can't believe you got all of those for $5 dollars! Especially for the condition they are in. I'd never seen the gold feathered one, absolutely beautiful.

You're so cute Britt and I miss you. I hope you and Grant are doing so good, and of course little Trudy too!

Tyler and Jess said...

Britt, that makes me feel so much better. When I watch him I always think, how can Britt not like him?!

I thought we talked about it once and you said you didn't like his voice reflex or something like that.