Friday, June 8, 2012

she was a hoarder just like on the show

i saw an ad on craigslist a few weeks ago for a warehouse sale full of goodies. when trudy and i arrived i was completely overwhelmed. everything there belonged to one woman; a woman who liked to shop. she was/is a hoarder and was evicted from her home. her neighbors decided to help out and have apparently been selling her things for weeks. when i talked to the woman in charge she told me that there used to be 5 times as much as what i was seeing. i would say 80% of everything was untouched. meaning still in the wrapper. it was just insane. so i bought this little stand brand new. i unscrewed the legs, painted them green and now it looks way better. yay.

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emily+brett said...

What a great color combo! I can't believe the stuff you find. You know just where to go. I wish I had more time to go to estate sales and do more shopping for my house. Your taste is flawless!