Thursday, January 12, 2012

my hot chocolate even tasted better

well i am just loving all the comments from my last post and i've read them like a million times. i wish i could click "print" in the comment section and then print all of them and put them on the wall. sometimes you just need a little pick me up... and kind words can truly go a long way. so thank you ;)

i consider myself to be a practical person. kinda? well i mean for example... if i buy anything to put in my closet, i have to always be able to think of different ways to use or wear it. well... let's just say... i'm loosing that little voice in my head. things are getting easier to justify and it's scaring me. i guess it's the result of always going shopping with trudy.

so to get to the point, i asked for this little beauty for christmas. yahoo that it's from tjmaxx and cheaper than buying it from kate spade BUT did santa pay $12 for a mug? yep. is that very smart? no. but i'm pretty sure i feel like..... probably at least 2 times cuter when i drink from this versus any others.

p.s. it is comforting to know that kate spade's dinnerware is mostly lenox and backed with a great warranty.

3 sweet thoughts:

communikate. said...

oh, kate spade. why must you be so charming (and expensive) with everything you make?!

what a fun gift. i love things that i don't really need but still make me happy nonetheless. :)

Jess and Matt said...

I too am in love with that mug, and I too would have asked, and allowed Santa to spend 12 bucks on it. SO adorable. I think it's impossible for your cuteness level to double, because you just can't improve on your perfect cuteness. LOVE YOU!

Shawnee said...

oh wow! i adore that mug. $ worth it. :) plus, Santa has no price limits right?! haha