Tuesday, December 27, 2011

our christmas break

this year we spent christmas in utah. it was nice being able to spend a few days before christmas and christmas with grant's dad and step family and then spend some time with my family after that. on our way to utah we split up the 10 hr trip with matt & jessica (family that stayed with us back in october). one morning while i was in the shower grant and jessica took some beautiful pictures of trudy and her two boys kaden and beckham. they had just turned on baby einstein and were completely glued to it. we were able to stay with them again on our way back and loved every minute. we've never split up the trip before and now i want to do it this way every time!  
because we had our trudy baby with us this year, christmas could not come fast enough. even though i knew she would mostly be into wrapping paper and bows... i could not wait for christmas morning! i am so excited to be santa. i think i saved everything possible that i bought starting back in november. it isn't fun to travel with lots of christmas presents but surprisingly they held up nicely. grant and i tried to be creative with our wrapping for each other. grant did the one below with three bows. after opening presents trudy just laid around with daddy. she was so chill and i had to steal a couple of pictures. that night we were able to skype with my brother who is on an lds mission in peru. it was so fun to show him trudy girl for the first time. after christmas we went to visit bff jess and her new baby fran. while we were there we took some pictures, i was holding little franny and jess had trudy. fran started to cry (she was getting kinda hungry) and all the sudden trudy plopped her hand on her head as to calm her down. it was the cutest thing ever, clearly she will be a good friend...  already trying to take care of her best friend!!overall it was a great trip. this was the first time we drove home feeling like we finally got in some good time with our families. we are happy to be home, especially with new toys for trudy... she is at a stage where she can almost crawl but not quite yet and wants to move around everywhere. i'm afraid it's going to take me a year to unpack and then take our christmas decorations down. i hope everyone had a great holiday. we received some of the cutest christmas cards from friends that i want to keep on the fridge forever. it just seems more fun to get christmas cards from friends and family when you live away from everyone. i totally forgot that we could do a christmas card this year since we have a baby now. hopefully we will do something fun next year.

2 sweet thoughts:

communikate. said...

Trudy is trudylicious. Seriously she's a doll! What a fun age!

Tyler and Jess said...

I love the first pictures! They look so cute, just glued to that show!!

I have never been so grateful to have my head cropped out of a picture...thank you!! Trudy is so sweet. I love that she loves Franny girl!

I love you!