Tuesday, April 5, 2011

they're on drapes, wall hangings, the doormat and canvas


my grandma loves roses. i'm not sure if the love is for actual real roses though, especially closed buds. it seems that the love and obsession is for open roses. big open roses. my mom has the same love too. it's like anything with a rose print just tugs at their hearts. and lucky me, i love them too! i painted the one above. i was thinking about how many roses or just red flowers there are around our house and it made me really miss both my mom and my grandma. i wish they could come and see all of them. i wish they could just come on over and we could eat yummy food and watch some westerns. like true grit (which i loved by the way, jeff bridges did a great job... i'm not sure who else could attempt to live up to john wayne). living away has not been hard for me at all these past few years. i have thoroughly enjoyed living in new places and learning different cultures etc. but now that i am so close to bringing another person into our family, i really miss mine.

anyway one of my friends told me about the rug company "dash and albert". as soon as i checked out their collection i fell in love with the rug below. that was over three years ago. i just never wanted to put that beautiful piece in an ugly apartment. i've had the rug as my background on my phone forever. it's just so perfect! i feel so lucky to finally own it. it makes me smile every time i come in the front door.

oh and the "B" is for barnes. just wanted to clarify that for shalynna. she once thought a different "B" in our house was for brittany. i was really embarrassed. i would never do that!

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communikate. said...

my husband has a true love for roses as well. his grandfather carved roses out of wood. his grandfather passed away right before we started dating, and when graham gave me one of the wooden roses, i knew his love was legit. (ha.)

living away from family is hard isn't it? i think that's why i've been dragging me feet for so long about having a baby. we've been all over the place, and really i just want to live by mom which won't be happening for a while.. so i guess i should just have one right?!

p.s. i love your pinterest board titled "i hope she's sassy." it cracks me up everytime i read it. i hope she's sassy too.

annnnnnd i hope you like my novel.

David and Shalynna said...

My mom and her mom love roses too- anything floral for that matter. That painting you made is beautiful! I didn't know you painted!

I'm getting nervous about moving in the fall. I am really excited to move on and be on our own as a little family, but I know I am going to wish that I had my mom with me (especially with two kids). I feel for ya. I hope your mom and grandma get out to New Mexico soon to see all of your beautiful roses.

What's wrong if the B meant Brittany? I have S's all over my house for Shalynna. :) I'm such a dork- why did I think the B on your fridge was for Brittany and not Barnes? I can't believe that embarrassedd! You're cute.

angela hardison said...

i'm pretty sure i have some A's around my house for angela... now i'm embarrassed :) haha. i love roses too. that rug is really awesome.

Traci Barnes said...

You painted that rose? Brittany, I had no idea you were such an artist. Dave says we can come out the see you after the baby is born. We are off for the Galapagos Isalnds tomorrow, but I will see you that week and we can calendar when would work for you. I am very excited to see you and then meet little miss later.


preston. shawnee. cohen. said...

I share a love for roses with you :) Your rug is to die for, I love it. And you're painting is so cute too.

p.s. love the little onesies you guys made! They turned out so cute. I've had fun making some lately as well... although I've been steering clear of ruffles and flowers ;)