Thursday, June 3, 2010

no popeye's for my dad. dang it

my family came to visit this last weekend. i am so sad they are gone. i miss them, i think i have the cutest brothers in the world. this was our last little trip before my brother blake leaves on his mission and becomes a peruvian. we played catch, while waiting for this place to open. i forgot what it's called but it's like trafalga. but better. the bumper cars were so fun. i had fun laser tagging except that my parents never moved and hid behind walls the whole time. i think i saw my dad come out from his hiding place once. so of course, he won the game. oh and my mom covered her targets with her hand. what a cheater! we went to old town which was nice but really hot. we also went swimming and watched a bunch of movies. cooking for 10 people was a fun challenge for me.

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Anonymous said...

Aww, looks like you all had a wonderful time together. Sweet memories to cherish forever. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

^-^ ox

David and Shalynna said...

It's always sad when family leaves. Hope you are doing okay!

Let's be twins with our sunglasses and ankle jeans. Are those aviators from J. Crew outlet as well? So glad you told me about that store having good stuff. I've been like four times since.

Say hi to Grant for us! I went to David's softball game and saw Steve (Rugby), Rob, etc., and it didn't seem complete without Grant. They lost. :(

David and Shalynna said...

Oh and that is awesome that your brother Blake is going to Peru! I'm sooooo jealous! You guys should totally pick him up when he's done. Can we come too? I went to Peru when I was 16 and do you want to know something really sad? I hardly remember it. What a shame. I'm sure your brother is going to love it!

☂niki said...

you are just a doll. i wish i could see what you are wearing every day!

and to answer your question, yes. people stop me all the time to gawk over my evelyn and to tell me how beautiful she is. it is the best compliment i could ever get! way better than anyone telling me something nice about myself.

Keighley Fleming said...

Where did you get your swimsuit??? I am trying to find a new full piece (flattering with some boobage support)and I have not had much luck. You always have the best swimsuits! Please please please get back to me.

Sincerley confused,


Michael and Mindy said...

Britt. I haven't read this post yet because I have to reply to your comment before I forget..

Okay. I freaking love you and your comments. Seriously. They always make my day! So about the style..I'm thinking about getting a tumblr. I've been looking a lot at other people's styles, and I think I know what I like. The problem is that I can't freaking find stuff! That's why I was asking where everyone shops. Because I go to the mall or wherever and can't find anything I like. Also, TJ Maxx and those stores..I think I might not be patient enough. This week I went to Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx and Ross and found nothing at all. I get frustrated looking through all those racks of random stuff. And then if I do find a shirt I like they only have an extra small or whatever. Do you know what I mean? And I'm always overwhelmed at those stores. It's like...where do I start? Ya know? Anyway...I am open to all suggestions :)

I like your idea for my hair. I just might do it.

And the necklace tip...thanks! I just feel like it will be cutest with a plain colored tee, which is mostly what I have, but I have a lot of v-necks and I think I would probably need round with it? So I'm looking...

Anyway, thanks for giving me awesome tips. I'm glad I have a friend who knows what they're talking about when it comes to fashion! You're awesome :)

the hopkins said...

Wow I can't believe Blake is leaving on his mission!! I swear he is not that old. that's crazy.
How fun your family came to visit, you have such a great family. I love the picture of you with all your brothers at the pool. So cute, and cute hat too.
And your comment about me wearing heels on my blog made me laugh haha. There just aren't enough places for me to wear them, other than church and weddings. Too cold and snowy in Logan I wear boots for 7 out of 12 months in the year. Anyway, thank you :)
Love you so much! talk to you soon yay!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

you & your brothers at the pool pic=

cameron looks so big. wow, they are growing up fast! i am so glad your fam got to go and see you.
cooking for 10? wow.

Reimstar said...

Awe how fun to get to play with your brothers! I feel like I love your family and I have never even met them!!! I still miss you like crazy :( hope you had fun on your date with Brodie yesterday! Sorry I didn't get to talk to you very much we were on our way to a water park. But I will call soon! Love you! :)

The Browns said...

such cute pics. wish i could have met the fam while they were here. you look so much like your mom. what a fun time.

Tyler and Jess said...

Looks like sooo much fun! I adore your family. Your parents are so funny! I'm so happy they came for a visit!!

kaysi fox said...

can you be any cuter?!?! seriously, you are so glam all of the time & i just love it!! you have such amazing style!! :) ps. i LOVE when family comes to visit!! this post just melts my heart!! uhhh, i love family!!!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Just found your blog, you and your hubby are adorable.
P.S. Your family looks like so much fun too!!