Friday, March 26, 2010

a rose bubble bath with lemon and orange oils. mmmm.


thankyou thankyou! i loved reading all of those comments. i am happy that so many people feel the way i do. even though my examples were all about magazines, i hope that i made it clear that really anything (including blogs) can be detrimental for our self esteem. i think  know that we all compare ourselves to different things for different reasons. the biggest point that i wanted to make is that paying attention to when you may be more vulnerable to pressure and comparing, really helps in keeping your spirits high. on top of that, i do believe that the media is getting worse and worse and i have big goals for what i want to teach my little girls.

on kind of the same note, what i surround myself with can totally make me feel happy, motivated and inspired! i have quite the list of projects. it never ends and i actually love that. i can't believe how many talented people there are out there. it's also really fun to do crafts and projects with friends. oh girl time. its just a necessity for me. very therapeutic.

in my other news, grant is out of town. let me just say that reading back in the archives of your own blog is not something i recommend to those with husbands out of town. no. no. definitely not a good idea. i would recommend sleeping on his side of the bed though. it might make you feel safer. might. anywho while he is gone i plan to do a lot of girly things. make a wreath (my girlfirend sasha made the cutest one EVER and she is totally lame for not putting pictures of it on her blog. something she should definitely be bragging about.), get my face waxed because i have a mustache and a beard, shave (kind of a big deal) and make lots of yummy treats. speaking of yummy, trudy has been making this green drink alot and it inspired me. best green drink i've ever had! i've made it every day for a week and a half. we took a raw foods class together a couple weeks ago and it was so fun. did you know that one ounce of wheatgrass has equal nutrients to 2lbs. of vegetables? crazy. i also plan to take a really long bath. last week i recieved this, this and this. chloe's mom found out that i love (love, love, love) LUSH and surprised me with these. still can't get over it. cutest gift everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. who just does that? so thankyou staci!

p.s. tune in to bijo for a tutorial on my homemade bib necklace.

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ChloƩ said...

oh brittany..i just love you so much you have no idea! where do you get waxed? seriously.. i am tired of doing it myself. boo. i almost tried to make that drink the other day! i was at the store and was trying to remember all the ingredients! now i know so i will for sure try it out! i had so much fun with you guys last weekend! we need to play again! soon. for real.

i checked out your tutorial on bijo and you are just amazing! seriously, i could never make anything that beautiful!

i hope you enjoy your bath this weekend :) love your face!!

p.s. if you get scared while grant is gone you can always call me :)

Jess and Matt said...

holy comments batman! I wanted to comment on your last post but I have WAY too much to say about it, so I am totally emailing you when I get the chance. It was seriously amazing and I can't tell you how much I relate. You are so wonderful. I am so excited for all of your projects. I love your creativity and the things you come up with. I can't wait to see more.

David and Shalynna said...

I just looked at the tutorial. Looks easy enough, BUT I would never know how to make a cute design with the gems like you did. Great job. It'd be fun to make them with different colored felts, but still the clear/silver gems.

How are you so brave to stay home alone while Grant is gone? Do you want to come sleep over? We can make David watch Oliver while we watch movies? Think about it.

Went to Shade today while I was at the mall and sadly you weren't there.

The Browns said...

Grant just informed me that you made all of those things in your pictures. You are so stinkin talented. i so so so wish that you were here. we will for sure scope out Santa Fe together. i am counting down the days!! miss you girly. I hope that you enjoy your bath tonight. you are such a great person and dear friend.

tiffany said...

oooh i love lush too! i have so many different bath scrubs from lush ^_^ love it.

xo tiffany

have a good weekend!

Staci T said...

Nothing soothes the soul like Lush (and maybe a chocolate frosty). I see in you someone who is kind instead of mean, gives instead of takes,is beautiful inside and out and who finds hope in every corner. You have a beautiful life ahead of you. I hope you had a lovely bath. (I love Chloe's friends. She has such good taste!) And I love a fellow Lush lover!

Alix said...

HEY! I love Lush too! There isn't one here... lame-O. but there is one in my home state of Washington. Yes, I LOOOVE it. I love that you know about this stuff. Also, I am loving the crafty mood you are in. Your crafts are so PRETTY! I wanna see that wreath you are talking about!

grant + brittany said...

P.S. For the record Britt has nothing close to a mustache or a beard! Apparently, while husbands are gone wives have a tendency to over-exaggerate! ...yeah, she waxes... every 6 months to a year! not like she's some she-beast who has to tame her mane or something. sheesh. That being said, I hate being gone from you Britt! You are my best friend and I love that we are NEVER apart from each other. I made some good money for us this weekend and I'll be home soon!


Kera said...

well for the record...i totally have a she-beard. thanks for rubbing it in grant. and britt, although i love that you copied my links, i'm not sure what you are talking about. love you anyway, though!

Carolyne said...

You made all of those pretties?!! Oh I am so jealous!

Oh dear, my self esteem is plummeting. Just kidding. You are super talented and I'm so glad I found your blog. So inspiring.

P.S. You and your hubby are so cute.

Meagan, Bruce and McLean said...

Britt I love you! So you are going to have to share some crafty ideas with me. I want to learn to make a wreath. It's the little homemaker in me...need to do crafts! Plus love the pictures! You are so cute and smart and beautiful. I look up to you so much.

communikate. said...

give it up to the she-beard. :)

i loved your below post as well. way to be! ;)