Sunday, March 28, 2010

rockwell reimer and a list of love

this is little rockie, he is the son of our friends, rob & jessie. i got to babysit him twice last week and i loved every minute. he is just my favorite and his little smile melts my heart. last week he had a surgery on a little hole in his tummy that he was born with. today he had some complications and is in the e.r. we are saying prayers for him (i'm sure any would be much appreciated), he has just had a rough day. we know everything will be okay and can't wait to see him.

this is a little list of things i love, just for fun. i can't wait to pick granty poo up from the airport. i've known since friday what i'm going to wear.

a post that is still making me laugh.

my favorite chapstick.

love her style. obviously.

okay maybe this is old to everyone else, i don't know, but i have listened to it over and over. its THAT good.

the perfect chocolate chip cookie. except we like more butter (fat) than chocolate, so i bought mini chocolate chips.

where we will be living very soon. hope we can go to this....

what i'm watching right now.

20 sweet thoughts:

ChloƩ said...

Britt!! i am watching LIFE right now as we speak! did you see the elephants?? and the baby that was stuck in the mud? i almost cried. seriously. sean is snoring now while i am watching the fishies...

anyway, i love that you have your outfit picked out to see Granty Poo! you are so cute. seriously. i love you.
and i will be praying for little Rockwell! what a cutie!!

grant + brittany said...

I love that everyone knows me as granty poo. You're a freakin' doll. I am so lucky.
...I'm Greek and I'm very particular about what I like!

kittycat said...

awwww rockie is so cute! i will pray for him :)
that post is SO funny
and the youtube video was priceless! haha

xo tiffany

hope you have a lovely week!

David and Shalynna said...

What a sweet little boy. I'm sorry to hear about his condition, but I'll surely pray for him.

You are cute that you know what you are going to wear when you see Grant.

Yes, that Emersonmade has some gorgeous things. I saw this website recently and thought of you and your pretty blossoms.

I would love to go to that hot air balloon fiesta. I have a huge love for hot air balloons. We used to see them in the distance from our living room in Washington. I've actually thought to do a nursery theme with hot air balloon prints and the like for a future baby. Cute, huh?

trudy...{and jamo} said...

poor rockwell!!!!!! we will pray for him. him=perfect, cutest, handsomest baby.

LOVED your list!!!

grant + brittany said...

(This is alix... dangit)I surely will be praying for rockie!
Also, I LOOOOOOOOOVE hot air balloons. I have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to ride in one but haven't gotten the change. I LOOOVE them. And you! :)

Linda said...
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Jaeme + Randy said...

The part about knowing what you are going to wear on Friday makes me laugh because now I know I am not alone! I love planning outfits for "special" days way ahead. Okay, I plan my outfits to go out the next weekend with my husband a week ahead sometimes. Its fun and it makes me look forward to the night even more :). Poor little guy, I hope all goes well he is in my thoughts.

kaysi fox said...

so i am for sure going to try that cookie recipe. i have had the WORST time trying to make cookies. mine are so lifeless. so hopefully i can make those! :) also, albqueque {im not sure if that is how you spell it..}, but AMAZING! i cannot wait to see some pictures! & i am loving that post with the baby & makeup. haha. i have no idea what i would do if that happened to me...either cry or laugh. & last how adorable is rockie?!?! we will keep the little guy in our prayers! :)

beckie. said...

LIFE is amazing!!!! And I completely approve of you wanting fat in your cookies :)

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

lots of thoughts...

my heart aches for precious little rockie and his family. please keep us updated.

i love that you've know since friday what you're wearing to pick up your lover.

this list was fun.

that post is hilarious.

and i too love her style.

ps. i haven't posted more pics of the nursery yet...hopefully soon...meaning, hopefully i finish it soon;)

{megs in wonderland} said...

what a sweet baby!!!

and really...
"ive known since friday what im going to wear"= we are the same person.

except you probably are alot sweeter than me, and you probably dont curse like a sailor. i want to be more like YOU pretty girl!

the hopkins said...

Oh, poor little rockie :( Seriously I would have such a hard time if that happened to Cohen. I will pray for this sweet little guy. Makes me want to cry.

okay the little girl with the makeup, so funny :)
I too love emersonmade, her stuff is so pretty.
Discovery channel rocks.
Your bib necklace is FANTASTIC. I love it Britt! and totally want to make one. And your pink ruffles are so cute too.
Seriously we just need to craft together. That is why I text you wondering if you had plans friday during the day? What time will you pick Grant up? I was thinking you, Trudy and I could all do that craft! Or something else, whatever. Let me know.
Oh and I've never tried Lush, but the name itself is sounding appealing :)

Last, we love air balloons and have wanted to go on a ride for years. That hot air balloon fest looks like fun.......
... but I'd rather you don't move okay?? ;)

the hopkins said...

Okay, haha, don't think that we are like such pros when it comes to hot air balloons that I just refer to them as "air balloons" ha cause I meant to put HOT before that. .... just to clarify :)

I should start reading my comments BEFORE I post them.

Ash said...

oh no, poor baby! We'll be praying for him here at my house for sure!

that voicemail thing is absolutely hilarious! I could not stop listening to it, over, and over and over again.

"You should actually look up that up, passive aggressive personality disorder"
"if you're psychologically normal..."

reimstar said...

Oh wow. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the prayers! I KNOW the power of prayer is real! And thank you Britt for doing a post on my little baby; he is so flattered :) Rock is doing a little bit better but still not out of the woods yet, so continued prayers are much appreciated! P.s. love, love, all your favorite things!

Mari Kjar said...

hey brittany!! i'm a friend of shawnee's and just came across your bloggaroo.... wondering how to order some of your bloosoms!!! :)

angela hardison said...

great list.

okay, i heard that dimitri date thing a couple months ago and was dying laughing... seriously unbelievable.

prayers sent your way for that darling little baby.

Stephanie said...

Oh he's so cute

Jake and Jenna said...

you always were the best babysitter. did you do any dances for rockwell? that was one of the best moments of my life, i swear, when you were dancing for andrew. life seemed much less complicated back then, huh. hope all is well britt.