Sunday, February 21, 2010


thankyou everyone for being so proud of me, i have the greatest friends. i want to express my gratitude to everyone for all the sweet comments in my last post, but especially our sopudep neighborhood post. both grant and i were concerned about sharing that story online. it was so special and we didn't want to tarnish it at all, but being that most of our donations came from the blog we felt it was appropriate. we look forward to sharing more stories from haiti (and plan to as soon as possible!), i mean grant has written like 20 pages in his journal about the trip and he still isn't even done.

lately i have been so overwhelmed by crafts and projects. last night i spent an hour talking with shawnee (my bff from high school) about everything from making necklaces out of old necklaces to organizing our closets and wanting to de-junk our houses a thousand times. we discussed shoes and sweaters while our husbands chatted about welfare and construction building regulations. love that girl!

on another note, we are really enjoying the olympics. today we watched a special on the 1980 usa hockey team, but i guess i can refer to them as the miracle on ice. i think i saw miracle once but don't remember it at all. anyway i fell in love with the story. i love sports. athletic ability is absolutely fascinating to me. however, does anyone else feel that sean white is a little too full of himself? ugh.. yucky. i guess he has reason to be.

tonight we leave on a company cruise and we can't wait! i am really feeling spoiled, it is a bit weird to visit a third world country and then go on a cruise to the bahamas in the same month. but granty poo worked hard for us again and so we are off to celebrate the fruits of his labor. i asked him to shave his caveman look but he told me that there is something wildery about running in the ocean with a beard.

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David and Shalynna said...

I really like the way you write, Brittany.

Have so much fun on your cruise! I saw those canvas bags at Target again and thought of you. Did you end up getting one? I forget.

I signed up for the crochet class, but realized that David's family is going to be in town for Oliver's blessing! Woops! I emailed the cute girl that hosts them to see if I can just use the payment towards another class, but haven't heard back. If I'm not allowed to back out, at least it will be fun to take the class together!

ChloƩ said...

if anyone deserves this trip it is you guys!! i hope you guys have a blast :) we miss you guys..maybe we can hang out sometime when you get back? love you!

lehi + sasha said...

bon voyage!
remember to take lots and lots of pictures! and please soak up the sun for me!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

i feel like i won't see you in forever. seriously. i can't believe your cruise is already 'here'. i am so excited to see pictures of your outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
have fun! grant is so funny.

Tyler and Jess said...

Bye bye! Have so much fun! I loved talking to you this morning. It really made my day! Enjoy the sun a little for me too! Love you both!

Nicole Wood said...

I hope you and Granty Poo have a blast!

the hopkins said...

Britt you are so cute :) hahaha the comment about us talking about shoes and sweaters and Grant and Preston talking about welfare and construction regulations made me laugh!! HILARIOUS. Seriously though, it was SO FUN talking that night! Afterwards I thought "gosh that was nice to just talk about all that stuff!.... cause I think there are lots of people who would get bored talking about it after like 5 minutes.... but not us :)" Really though, we should plan a craft for next time I come down?!?!
And thanks for sharing stories about Haiti with us, we LOVED hearing you two talk about it. Really, we loved it. I still can't completely comprehend it since I didn't actually experience it, but hearing you two tell your stories definitely made it more of a reality and I appreciate that.

Oh and I too have seen the movie miracle once.... but have NO clue what it was about. Bet it was the same time as you.... senior all-nighter eh??

Hope you're having the time of your life on your cruise!!!

Reimstar said...

Oh my gosh Miracle is one of my all time favorite movies and I have been begging Rob to watch it with me ever since we started dating! Maybe we'll wait and watch it with you guys! And yes I think I've seen enough of shaun white. There is never an excuse for arrogance. Not even for 2 time Olympic Gold medalist.

And I'm a little bitter that I am here in freezing cold Utah when I could be on a boat in sunny Bahamas. Boo. But you guys have fun! Love you! Can't wait to see you!

Jake and Jenna said...

wish we could've gone. much love to you-- soak up some sun for me and goldie girl!

Michael & Mindy said...

You guys are so freaking cute. Thank you for posting the Haiti story! I love hearing about that. Those pictures are unreal. I cannot imagine what you saw and felt.

I loved this post. So cute. Serious.

I am SO impressed about your flowers being sold! Seriously! That is so freaking awesome. Go you!

Have fun on your cruise, LUCKY!