Wednesday, September 23, 2009

saturday entertainment

september is such a perfect month... except that so many things are going on each saturday and it makes it difficult to hit up everything that we want to. like this last saturday... there was the salt lake farmers market (didn't make it but luckily it's still going on), oh sweet sadie (where we did have some luck....) (getting better at ONLY buying things we LOVE.... which is a hard thing to get good at by the way) and finally, where we spent most of our day; the dew tour. we loved the dew tour. everything was so fun to watch. bmx was our favorite though, i was trying to learn all the vocabulary like "double tailwhip" or even "360 triple tailwhip". i don't get how they do that stuff. here is a suh-weeet clip.
(best parts at 0:51 and 0:59. oh and 1:20 ish)

6 sweet thoughts:

The Browns said...

We love the Fall in Utah, and miss it there. We especially loved the fact that troy and i got to spend about 19 hours together each day. miss you two

Anonymous said...

I feel like you haven't posted forever. I miss you. We still need to play sometime. The dew tour looks like a lot of fun!

BrentandSophia said...

I want some salt waters!!
SOOO cute.

Ryan ♥ Breelyn said...

Oh yes the DEW Tour love it, and I SO agree with you that during the beautiful fall months there is so much going on because the weather is wonderful and so many awesome things are planned by our fantastic state of Utah. The Farmer's Market is pretty darling so for sure make it to that! Darling pics of you guys having a picnic. It totally captures fall moments!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

ohhhhhh fun! did you see ryan?! ha ha. i must say i LOVE your shoes. hello?! they are so cute.
oh my goodness, i saw linds at the mall tonight when i was working. and oh my GOSH! she hung out with nick. and his brothers and went to his house. oh crazy.

when is the circus!? i miss you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha, yeah.. sometimes I can't believe some of the things I say. But then other times I am just like, this is who I am. My grandma, parents, aunts, uncles, and Sean's mom all read my blog. I am sure they are concerned. But seriously.. I mean, I love when people's blogs are about how successful and productive they are..but that is just not me I guess.. I think it's okay to have bad days and be lazy .. no one is perfect right? and how could I get him back? I need to find a way! I can't believe that he watched it without me.

Sean wanted to suprise me with tickets to the circus! But he said it was kind of pricey.. did you guys get a good deal? What time is it at? I want to go soo bad!!