Thursday, September 24, 2009

pictures that i love today

image via shannonbyhand

image via smadirty

image via smadirty

image via shannonbyhand

image via shannonbyhand

6 sweet thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Okay seriously? I love these pictures that you posted. The elephant one? Did you have me in mind when you put that one up? Maybe? :) and I love the snail and the tape one! Soo cute!

But yes, I know what you mean about worrying what people think. I still get that way..and I think it has gotten better because of my blog.. I feel like I have broke down a lot of walls. It is scary..but I have made a lot of great friends because of it :) my mom gets embarassed and says "People are going to think I didn't raise you very well!" she just laughs.. depsite how lazy I want to be, I still do get some things done :)and I totally have PMS too. Bad. I just ate a whole bag of chocolate covered pretzels so I would't cry. Text me when you find out... if we can get cheaper tickets I would love to go :)

grant + brittany said...

chloe. you. are. the. best.

Sophia said...

#3 and #4 are my favorites!!

Beckie said...

Brit the Snail one made me laugh so hard!!! Cute!

TandNdschaak said...

Hey let me know your address so I can send a baby announcement!

The Hopkins said...

hahahaha that snail and tape one is FUNNY. I love it. and the elephant and monkey one too. excited to see you guys saturday :)