Friday, October 2, 2009

friday favorites

picture. but it's really a picture of us.

this saves my life all the time. totally took care of an OIL spot on grant's shirt last week. it ALWAYS works!

this is making my countertops smell so fresh. makes cleaning more exciting.

best thing in my kitchen. seriously. so refreshing.

loving the current season of this, can't wait for new season of this.

how did i ever live without this?
i want to make it the signature smell of the barnes' home.

i do not love this because it's a healthier choice, its just the best tasting.
i'm so obsessed.

this reminds me way too much of grant. oh i love him.

is it weird that i hate this talk but love it too?

the stylist working here deserves a raise.
i just don't get how this store manages to pull off the most fabulous outfits i've ever seen. i find myself wanting one of everything. ugh, while i click through it all, i start to get in a bad mood.

have a wonderful weekend everyone.
i'm so glad i can have granty poo all to myself because his homework is ruining my life!

11 sweet thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Brittany! Sean's homework is totally ruining my life too! Ughh! It is so frustrating! I like this post. I want to try all of those new things. I bet your house smells amazing. J Crew is the best. My mom always shops there. I wish I could. Haha. We need to play again.. and watch Project Runway. I like that show too :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah you did it right!! I hope you win :) even if you don't, I still think you should get them done because its so much fun!!! and you are freaking gorgeous..seriously!! you and grant could totally be models...

Ashley said...

I'm not much of a "homemaker" but to save money I've been trying to be and have been in the kitchen a little more...tell me more about this cooking with yogurt.

grant + brittany said...

oh, its actually butter! the yogurt part is supposed to make it more healthy or something. but i think it just tastes amazing... and i use it for cooking too! mmmmmmmm its soooo good.

Rachel Leigh said...

I love project runway... I think my cable is ghetto because it doesn't come on until 11pm... dumb. Oh and I am so glad that Christopher didn't get kicked off. And I love that talk... so good. Good post.

Anonymous said...

I just got your comment! I am so glad we can relate :) seriously. It is so nice to know that I am not the only one. I am really glad we have become good friends. Seriously, Sean and I think you and Grant are awesome. Sean does the same thing! Trims his body hair in the bathroom and then he uses this towel under the sink to try and wipe it up. Well he puts the towel back under the sink. So I go grab it out, not knowing and hair flies all over the bathroom! I mean who would want to clean that up? I know I am not one to talk..but still. Anyway, thanks for making me feel a little bit more normal :) you are awesome!

Anonymous said...

that is the link! it was pretty easy to follow! it explained it really well! hope it works!! if not let me know, i will help ya figure it out!

The Hopkins said...

oh my. I haven't blogged in a while and I have so much to say about all this stuff! Where to start?
First... what a mean old man! I would've done the same thing you did, yelled without really thinking about it! I told Preston this and he was like "are you kidding me?" he was bothered too. I really love that Grant hunted him down though, I hate when people think they can just get away with stuff like that.
Second, this little boy singing is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! haha what's up with the steering wheel though?!? hahaha. I love when he is singing the chorus and holds the long notes and kinda leans back. ha. funny funny.
Last, I want to try this butter :) jcrew is awesome.

Hope you had a grand ol' time camping, one day WE WILL see each other :)

Ryan ♥ Breelyn said...

The Volcano candle is the only thing I burn in our apartment-and because our place is so little one candle makes the ENTIRE apartment smell amazing! :)
And NO JOKE the Beware of Pride talk is my husband's FAVORITE talk EVER! I told him that I swear you are my soul blog sister! :)

David and Shalynna said...

Hey cute girl!

I texted you this morning, did you get it? Text back soon!

Want to get together this weekend? I'm going to email Abby. Let me know what your plans are.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha that is sooo awesome! Thanks for sending me that link! You are the best! Oh, and I hope you guys had fun last night! We sure did. You guys rock. That dip was AMAZING. I need the recipe. I want to eat it for dinner. Not really, but really. :)