Monday, September 14, 2009

dear granty poo,

thankyou for taking me to see our favorite band; fictionist. their new album sounds amazing. my feet were getting tired from standing but you helped me forget that and i really just enjoyed listening and watching.

thankyou for taking me camping with our friends. SO good to finally see the fitt's and get to know the seabolt's better. it was so exciting to use all of our camping gear for the first time. we are always so prepared with your lovely collection of.... everything :)

thankyou for deciding that we are calling bbq's "cookouts" now. i think you're right; we do have the right to call them that after living on the east coast for eight months.

thankyou for taking me to the state fair too. i loved being on the ferris wheel with you. except for when you were rocking it too much and scaring me and making my stomach feel yucky. it was fun being with our friends. i love them. some day i will be pregnant like each one of them.

see you when you get home from school.
i love you and i have some yummy treats for you!

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ellaphantsy said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I love all these pictures. Seriously, that looks like such a fun weekend. And Flight of the Conchords is awesome!! I have only seen the first season though and I loved it! You have great taste in TV! We should totally have some fun DVR parties. I wanted a DVR as a wedding gift for my work, but Sean won and we got a BBQ, or a cooker :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, I am Sooo glad I am not the only one :) It makes me feel a lot more normal. Seriously, you are one of my best bloggy friends :) and sorry I posted twice and deleted my comment because I did it under my other profile. And P.S. I really want to go to the fair! It looks like a blast. I am kinda scared of the ferris wheel too. I swear that is the only thing that even kinda scares me. I can stand the crazy roller coasters, with HUGE drops, and I can go sky-diving, but there is something about the ferris wheel and being stuck up in the air for a long time with no way out.. and having no control, and then add the husband shaking it..not good...

grant + brittany said...

Ok, I want you and I don't care who knows it. I'll be home from school soon. I can't wait to see you and have more adventures with you!
Your Husband

grant + brittany said...

P.S. I am so happy that you called this post "Dear Granty Poo" if you weren't such a freakin' sweetheart I'd care.
-Your Husband

Kami said...

you guys are too cute for words! i'm glad you are still living it up now that you're back home. bummer you didn't get to do the ducks. . .next time! (i am surprised you knew abt them. i didn't!)

The Hopkins said...

Glad you made it home. And that you finally got internet. The satan sucks sign is funny ha, where was that at?
And I have so many memories with each of those high school pictures I put on my blog too. Britt I hope you know that I'm so glad all those memories were with you, and that you were my best friend and not anyone else. We had some GOOD times, and laughs, and plenty of talks together. Thanks :)

Looks like you have kept busy since being home. We want to go camping so bad! That looks so fun.

Lost.. I love Hugo ha. He's like a HUGE ball of happiness :) I haven't seen Julie and Julia or the time travelers wife... maybe one day.. went they're out for rent ha.

So.. hopefully we can see each other soon since we're in the same state now. miss you ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your comments! They are the best. Sorry again about lastnight! But you are right, I could use a little help in the kitchen for sure. I just need stuff that is quick, and easy, and super amazing tasting. or I'm like no thanks. I totally have that feeling of being super pathetic. I just need to get in there and do it. Start writing down your easy recipes!! :)
oh and I started listened to fictionist and i really like!

Did you guys watch lastnight? Thoughts?

Ryan ♥ Breelyn said...

I'm still laughing about that "Satan Sucks" billboard ha ha ha. You made it through the drive home yay! It's a long one! And it looks like you bought a polaroid camera too! Don't you love it! However I do get strange looks from people who I'm sure are thinking in their heads "Um okay its 2009 not the 1990s, get with it" but I don't care I love it! However the price of film BLOWS!!! Cute pictures! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the State Fair! And you went camping with Trudy?! I'm very jealous!

trudy...{and jamo} said...


cutest post ever. "dear granty poo" and "i have treats for you" are my fav.

and grants comments...can you two get any cuter?!
cutest couple ever.

it was fun to go "camping", i can
t wait to get a real tent and really "camp".

i love you so much. thank you for being my friend.

trudy...{and jamo} said...

isn't breelyn so awesome?