Sunday, September 13, 2009

8 things i never blogged about that i wanted to

#1- byu won the rugby championship in may. after 3 years of coming in 2nd they finally did it. hearing it all through the phone that night (while in orlando) ... it was just such an emotional and happy night in our house. also kind of rough for grant, after him playing in three national championship games and coming away with three silver medals.... not only hard for him to not play in it, but also that he couldn't even be there. that being said, he couldn't be happier for the guys.

#2- last year grant bought a dirt bike. his toy that i was supposed to reveal. a "to be continued" that i completely forgot about. it's so perfect for him though. he rides it every day to school. and he looks so cute on it.

#3- i finally received my diploma from snow college. woohoo yay for me.

#4- still planning on doing a jewelry etsy. just working on it. left it all in orlando and it just arrived.

#5- i did end up seeing julie and julia and i loved it. also time travelers wife. and i LOVED it. and UP. which was so cute.

#6- one thing that i learned in florida: i will NEVER in my life, have white tile kitchen floors. that has got to be the worst idea ever. yucky

#7- LOST. just finished the third season. oh geez, it's hard not to watch when we have all of the seasons. it did get better. and sure i guess it's fine for a t.v. series. i don't think it's the acting that bugs so much... it's more that in the beginning everything was always seeming so cliche. mainly the dialogue is just ridiculous. but i am such a entertainment critique. sometimes i wish i was more easily entertained like others. but the fact is i'm not. i like the third season better because the characters have developed more. but i'm like... where are they even going to go with this? and i'd like to be friends with hugo in heaven.

#8- oh my gosh and harry potter. duh brittany. we finished it back in july. ok so obviously it could only end one of two ways but i love the way it all paned out. i would go into more detail but i don't want to spoil anything for anyone. because nobody spoiled it for us and that made it so much better. we were listening to the very end one morning while in separate rooms, when it finished grant came in to hug me and was like "did your eyes get all watery too?" and i was like "yes! yes they did!"

8 sweet thoughts:

Reimstar said...

Good one. Amen on the white tile floors, what were they thinking?! I'm glad we're all back, and even more glad I finally got to see you last night! So much fun! Love ya!

Reimstar said...

P.s. that picture of Grant's leg out the sunroof is amazing!

{Layla + Austin} said...

Hello pretty Brittany. I just wanted to say that it was SO nice to meet you yesterday at Katie's house! You are too cute. I have loved looking through your blog!

Jake and Jenna said...

white floors = ew. time traveler's wife... i'll never forget that day. yes, that entire DAY when i couldn't stop crying. LOST-- well, you know my feelings on lost. it only gets better. and yes, hugo is my favorite character. i also love charlie.

miss you.

janetfogt said...

Can't wait for your jewlery line!
And I was a Lost addict for a while there. I am actualy FINALLY all caught up. It is pretty good but I do keep asking myself "where is this going?"
Still haven't seen those movies. I heard tghe time travelers wife is SAD. I don't want to cry but I want to see it... what do you think?

janetfogt said...

AH this is SOPHIE I am logged in under my mother in law... ha ha

Anonymous said...

haha i just blogged about lost! i miss that show. i agree with does get better. i am so behind now though. boo. i need to finish the last harry potter too! i can't wait for your etsy shop! i'm glad you're back! i have missed your lovely posts.

Kami said...

um, can i just say AMEN to the white tile floors? icky and looked even worse b/c every nick looked like a bug or dirt or worse. . .
i just finished season 3 of lost too! i agree - it's getting better and i am ALSO a HARSH entertainment critic. never saw time traveler's wife. will do so immediately.