Thursday, May 21, 2009


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lately i have been looking up baby names. since before we came actually. i think its so fun. i keep a confidential (yes. confidential) list in word with all my favorite names. i spend hours looking different things up. i feel that barnes is such a great last name to pair with. i mean my name got way cuter. (i still love my last name dad). i'm sure i'm going to get comments questioning me about being baby hungry. which is fine. i am. i have lets see.... nine friends that i can think of who are pregnant or just had babies. however i am not ready, at least not in the year 2009. but still... baby names... last week i drew a picture of some stick figures. grant was first. with no hair (i let him buzz it. he has such great hair ya know but i felt bad about the heat out here, poor guys). then me of course. i really liked my hair in the picture. because of jess my hair is finally the faded, grown out, beachy, hippie look i've wanted for a really long time. its nice to finally like my hair. next to me were three little stick figures. not that i only want three, but that is just what happened in the picture. i wrote everyone's name above their head. even middle names. it was really cute. REALLy cute. with a temple in the background. above the picture i wrote- "families can be together forever".  now i can't find it. and i'm sad. i mean just the little image of grant and i with little ones was so cute. i would have framed it. i guess i'll have to draw another one. i worry about my names becoming trendy. but i like grant's taste. he always makes sure the ones i like make sense. nothing too weird but nothing too boring. life can be so much fun. he brought me roses today. he is a professional at making me feel special.

i am so obsessed with the song on my blog right now. i have this problem, whenever i like a new song.... its all i listen to. over and over and over. and then i move onto something new. the electric feel is so cool. i feel like if i was shopping to this song, i would make very smart purchases.

so happy kris won. when i think of the beginning of the season, i can't believe that kris won! but i think he is very creative. like when he sang heartless. so cool. randy was right when he said it was better than kanye's. but the whole show was really fun to watch, a lot of fun performances. i was actually okay with them dragging it out. unlike biggest loser finale. UGH. and no i am not happy about that winner.

here is my quote for the week.

"The True Secret Of Happiness Lies In Taking A Geniune Interest In All The Details Of Daily Life."

-William Morris

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Rachel Leigh said...

I always do that too with songs that I like, I listen to them over and over. And don't worry, I have a baby name list too and I am not close to having a baby in the near future... I think just as girls, we get excited for the time when we actually will have a baby. Oh, and so important to keep it confidential.. the last name I told somebody got stolen. I was not so happy. :(

abby said...

i'm seriously dying to know what your names are. we should've had a conversation about it before you left because names are my favorite thing to talk about. although i told my neighbors the baby girl name i love today and they were both kind of silent and then one of them said, "well it doesn't matter, she'll be cute anyway." (!!!!!) oh well.

biggest loser was a big ol bummer. i agree.

Cydney Jensen said...

I really wanted Tara to win biggest loser, but I was so happy that Kris won! I had a list of baby names that I liked too, but then when I got pregnant I really didn't like any of them anymore. It is so weird trying to decide what to name them!

Jake and Jenna said...

can we hang out tomorrow? and you can tell me your names? i'm a vault, you know this. i just LOVE you.

Ashley said...

keep a written list and keep it confidential. I had all these wonderful names in my head before I got pregnant and then as soon as I did...poof they were gone. So now I keep a written list even though I probably wont have another kid for like 10 years unless I adopt! LOL

trudy...{and jamo} said...

i love every single word you just wrote. i love you brittany barnes.

coolest flow ever.

Sophia said...

Electric Feel is my FAVORITE MGMT song... it has the coolest vibe and always puts me in a good mood... LOVE it.
I love how you drew out a little picture and already have names picked, so very cute... and so something I would do!