Thursday, September 18, 2008

Entertainment Brittany

UPDATE: Okay so basically we got Comcast Cable & Internet and the Internet is already not working. Hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow. I have to say... I miss having the Internet. I can't believe how much we both use it, on the same note... sometimes I feel more productive without it. Having TV is a new and exciting thing. Especially DVR. It is the best! Since I have been watching a bit more TV lately there a few things I must blog about.

FIRST. The VMA's. Oh my gosh. Britney Spears is freaking back ya'll. Oh she just looked so good, I loved seeing her. It seriously just makes me happy to see her looking like herself. I'm proud of her and I really want her to stay positive and get out of this forever rut she has been in. I will admit (judge me if you want) that I having been secretly hoping for her to have a comeback for so long. Yay.

  T.I. and Rihanna. This is where I became even more grateful for our DVR. I have watched the performance over and over and over and over. I LOVE LOVE LOVE T.I. He is seriously my favorite. I am obsessed with all his songs and then putting him with Rihanna? What a beautiful combination. Grant just rolls his eyes when he comes home and I'm watching the performance (while dancing with the remote in my hand). But I've totally converted him and half of my friends to loving T.I.
Please Enjoy :)

P.S. I am so in love with Rihanna's hair. She pulls it off because she is so hot. I love when she peeks at the audience above her sunglasses. Oh and when she shakes her hand. Oh and her head nods.

THIRD. We are both very excited about this season of Biggest Loser. Last night was the Premier and I cried like three times and Grant kept getting things in his eyes (at least that is what he told me) ;).

3 sweet thoughts:

Jake and Jenna said...

first of all, we are kindred spirits. it must be said. I WAS OBSESSED WITH T.I. AND RIHANNA. seriously. i made jake download the song because i loved it so much. and second, i can't believe i missed biggest loser. it's interesting. we watched SO much tv this summer, and now that we have DVR and all that cool stuff, i never watch tv. what's with that? i need to get my act together. speaking of getting together...can we hang out? thanks.

Jess and Matt said...

Can I just say you are the cutest ever? I love how you just post things you LOVE and you are so true to yourself and so dang cute about it? Am I weird? Haha, sorry if I am. Anyway, the DVR is the best invention of all time. I am obsessed with it and find myself watching my very favorites over and over. Oh, and p.s. Get your business going, you are going to do such a good job, and soon it will be PERFECT, ;) .

Rachel Leigh said...

I like that Britney is normal again too. I won't judge. So I don't know about Rihanna's hair... not so cute. The song is good though. I am glad you are in love with tv like I am. Unfortunately my husband hates tv so I have to hear about all the cool stuff later and then try to find it. The night of the vma's we watched football... ya, super exciting! PS I love that you dance and sing in front of the tv with your remote. It reminds me of junior high, maybe even elementary!