Sunday, February 24, 2008

Roller Coaster of Love

After that amazing June night at the bonfire they both went away convinced and devastated that they would never see each other again. It was only 2 months later that Brittany and Grant would randomly run into each other at a dance. Grant finally mustered up the courage to ask Brittany for her number this time. Brittany was going to Snow College in Ephraim, UT (about an hour South of Provo). She informed Grant that she frequently returned home to Orem on the weekends. This made Grant a happy boy. Over the next couple months they would visit each other and hang out in Provo and Ephraim whenever it was convenient. They both stayed busy and the distance made it difficult for there to be anything serious between them.
The next year and a half was interesting for the two, as communication of their feelings for each other struggled. Grant started dating someone in Provo as Brittany finished

her Sophomore year at Snow. Unbeknownst to Grant at the time, Brittany was extremely crazy about him and wanted to give a relationship a try. By the time she moved back to Orem in April '06, Grant was single again and was ecstatic that Brittany was moving home. Because of feeling frustrated and "blown-off" by Grant when he had a girlfriend, Brittany answered Grants calls and would hang out with him but was cautious and kept her heart out of their time together before he moved home to CA for the summer. At this time Grant's feelings for Brittany had really blossomed and he was very excited to continue a relationship as much as could be done over the phone--even inviting Brittany to come visit him in CA. It wasn't long before the tables were turned and Brittany began dating a loser and Grant was left to unanswered text messages and phone calls. This one-sided form of communication continued from Grant for quite a while until Brittany reluctantly answered a text and beat around the bush that she was in a relationship. Grant was crushed.
School stated again in the fall and Grant figured that Brittany was once again lost forever. Until one day out of the blue she sent him a text! She wasn't in any hurry to inform him of anything that had to do with the relationship that she was in but Grant figured that since she was contacting him maybe she was single (great communication huh?). They made plans to go out that weekend. When the day finally came, they were both so excited to reunite (being that the last time they saw each other was 5 months prior). The night was AMAZING! It began at dinner with the most fun conversation, laughing and updating each other on the past few months. Both were drastically reminded of their amazing compatibility and their potential together. From the minute that the date began until they said goodnight they

were so comfortable and happy with each other. They felt like they had been dating forever. They held hands the whole car ride up to the Rocky Point Haunted House in Salt Lake. Let's just say the haunted house made for a perfect environment for them to get close to one another. They couldn't be separated! The entire night was blissful. They couldn't wait to hang out again.
After that incredible night, for the next SIX MONTHS Grant didn't hear a peep from Brittany! Talk about the most confusing time in his life. He was left to guess what happened with her and came to the conclusion that she must have gotten back with the loser and was probably married by now. In the mean time Brittany had gotten back with the loser and was trying to figure out her life (having feelings for Grant but being in (and out of) a relationship that was so up and down). Finally, she permanently ended that crazy relationship, but by this time was too embarrassed to contact Grant because of her abrupt disappearance months before.

As they were both now back in the ridiculous Provo dating scene, each were reaching their wits end and wondering if they were being too picky in finding someone. Grant, against his better judgement, turned to the virtual world of social networking and created a Facebook account.

Not long after he received a friend request from one Brittany Jones (WHAT???). Brittany had actually been waiting and hoping that he would create an account so that they would get back in contact. He searched every nook and cranny of her profile and saw no sign of marriage, an engagement or even a boyfriend! He couldn't believe it! While Brittany spent her time on his profile falling in love with the only album he had posted; baby pictures (SO adorable). Grant was intent on not getting his hopes up once again so he proceeded with extreme caution. There was quite a bit of flirtatious banter between the two but every time Grant would muster up the nerve to ask a direct, " are you dating anyone?" or "...what are your plans this weekend?" there would be no answer. Brittany was scared that the past would repeat itself; we would hang out, have an amazing time, and something would come up that would keep us from EVER having a relationship. Grant was walking on eggshells.

The Office is one of the best shows that television has ever come up with. Grant knew that Brittany shared his love for this great show. The day of the season finale came and Grant sent her a text saying, "Happy Thursday", knowing that she would know what he meant by it. Less than 2 minutes later Grant looked down at his call that was flashing, "Incoming call from Brittany Jones". He could not believe his eyes, this must be a mistake. He rubbed his eyes, looked again, cleared his throat and opened his phone. He swears to this day that his greeting came out like a pre-pubescent schoolboy talking to the hottest girl in school. She asked him to come watch The Office season finale with her! Of course he said yes and couldn't believe that he was actually going to get to see her once again.

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Jeff & Kayci Bitton said...

wow:) So I really like reading your blog! Your stories are WONDERFUL! :) Hope to hear more soon!

Carlos & Karly said...

you two are sooo adorable!! Double with us, please :)

Shaun and Brittany said...

What is up? We haven't seen you in forever. Are you still in school? How is married life? Still hanging out with Wes? We are doing good. We are getting ready to move to vegas to work with Brandon's Dad for an internship. It was good to hear from you, keep in touch.