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The Night We Met - June 18, 2005

Grant's Version:It was a dark and stormy night that wasn't stormy at all... My boyfriends and I had "acquired" 20 or so wood pallets and decided that we should light them on fire. Each of us got on our cell phones and within 30 minutes we were leading a procession of cars on our way to Utah lake to have a bonfire. Most of the people that came were people that we knew but there were a few cars of uninvited guests that came to join in the festivities. Brittany was one of these uninvited guests. In reality we didn't care who came and enjoyed showing a good time to all, I just like reminding Brittany that she wasn't invited. The bonfire went off splendidly and before long I noticed a beautiful girl whom I didn't know on the other side of the fire. She was talking to a girlfriend along with a guy lurking around them who looked like he just got off work at Abercrombie & Fitch. I made my way towards the strangers and engaged them in conversation (Making sure not to step on any "Abercrombie" toes but directing all of my questions towards the beautiful and at the time blonde Brittany Jones from Orem, UT). I was pretty sure that the girls had come with this guy but I couldn't help but continuing talking with her. The fellow buggered off after a short while and I decided to finally put my many years of Boy Scouting to use. I peered up at the stars and started pointing out constellations to the two girls. It worked like a charm!

Any time Brittany Jones from Orem, UT couldn't make out the stars that I was pointing to we would have to get our heads really close to each other and I would point up to the stars with one hand and the other would find it's way to the small of her back saying, "I really would like to get to know you better... Are you with that boy or what?" Her back gave no definitive answer so I had to ask her directly, to which she replied that she came with him but wasn't with him. Butterflies. Then by the time the roaring fire had turned to embers and a few cars had already left I mustered up the the courage to ask the beautiful Brittany Jones from Orem, UT, "What are you girls doing now?" (Including her friend in the question trying not to be too direct and single her out) She responded, "Umm... We're just going to go home." Crushed.
In a guys ears that translated to, "Umm... I'm not interested." So the night ended with the boyfriends going home, watching a movie together, and falling asleep spooning on mattresses sprawled out on the living room floor.
I fell asleep in Wes' (BFF) arms dreaming of Brittany Jones from Orem, UT the girl whom I would never see again.

Brittany's Version:

Okay, Wow. Ya know, I've obviously heard his version plenty of times.... I still don't get why he couldn't just ask for my number. ANYWAY-So at this point in my life...I had just moved back from Ephraim, UT where I attended my first year at Snow College. So while I was spending the summer in Orem, I had two jobs. One being at Abercrombie & Fitch. On that special summer night... I had been invited to a bon fire by one of my friends from work. He apparently knew a friend of a friend of a friend (you get the idea) who was throwing this bon fire. Yes, he was a TOTAL Abercrombie & Fitcher. Ha. So a bunch of us decided to go, we had nothing else to do. As we arrived and started mingling with everyone, I was introduced to this guy, Grant. Hahahaha. I still laugh because at the time he had these HUGE lamb chops (aka HUGE side burns) and I'm not even gonna lie-- they kinda scared me.

But other than that, I found him to be extremely attractive. While he began teaching my girlfriend and I about the stars...he put his hand on my back. Butterflies. I don't even remember what I learned about constellations. I remember feeling myself start to become interested when I noticed how passionate he really was about teaching me these constellations. This was because I felt that his way of hitting on me wasn't super gay/cheesy etc., he really was just who he was. "Real" is a good way to put it. As the night went on, I hoped that he would ask for my number. I knew that I wouldn't be able to hang out that night being that I was the driver and the people I brought were wanting to go home. So he had to ask me if I was doing anything. Which ugh. Still just kills me. If a guy is interested...they ask for your number. I mean, unless they just want to get to know you for one night.. Everybody knows that. I had to tell him that I was just going home. Hoping that he could see in my face that I hated the fact that I drove that night. But that was it. I said goodbye. Knowing I would never again see this Grant who taught me about the stars.

P.S. We were so excited when we stumbled upon this picture from the night we met!

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Jess and Matt said...

You guys are so funny! I love the stories! I am still so sad that I missed the epic Grant and Brittany story over Christmas. You'll have to make it up to me someday :) Just kidding. Anyway, I love the story, and Grant, I am glad you got rid of the mutton chops! They don't do you justice. Brittany, I would have never guessed that was you in the picture! I am so glad you guys have a blog, it's pretty fun!

Linds said...

I love this! I am so happy you two are blogging! I remember when Britt first told me about you Grant... one of the first things said was about your "HUGE lamb chops" and she wasn't sure if she could handle them... haha!

You guys are clever, cute, and its so clear that you are so happy and in love :) keep this up!

this is me... said...

Cute! I wanted to do the whole catching up, but I decided that it just takes way too long! But I am glad you are because it is fun to read!

Jeff & Kayci Bitton said...

Hey Brit! This is Kayci (Kimball) Bitton. I am glad that you have a blog! I love blogging too!:) What a PERFECT way to meet! Jeff and I have differing opinions on how we met, but the point is...we met! :) Great post! You should check out our blog and now we can keep in touch! :) Have a great day.

Jeff & Kayci Bitton said...

haha I didn't know you already had my blog address:) Funny!

steve the frenchman said...

Remember when your wife's name was "nice butt brittany"....that was awesome