Friday, August 10, 2012

theme song- xx vcr (michael douglas remix)

a vintage bib collar necklace i found at an estate sale in my neighborhoodtrudy running from the scary monster "aka daddy"
all ready for church in her gold ruffle-y dress
on our road trip, at mavericks, trying some chocolate ice cream waiting to see blake for the first time in 2 years!love him so mucha shot taken for #photoaday "what i wore"hanging out and dancing at the riverwoodstrudy's first time on the trampoline. so. much. fun.playing in grandma's toy roomlots of stops for trudy. teething + diarrhea + diaper rash + throwing up + busy body= hellish road tripping.but i love her so much!p.s. here is my favorite song right now.  wash dishes? go running? change a poopy diaper? i can do it with this playing.

4 sweet thoughts:

communikate. said...

girl, you.are.gorgeous!! i love all your great outfits (hello polka dot top!) you post on instagram.

Monica said...

love the collar. i need some good estate sales.

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures! And I am always so jealous of your thrifting finds!

Cocalores said...

The necklace is gorgeous! I'd love to find something like that =)