Friday, March 16, 2012

the lamp of my dreams


so one night when trudy and i were roaming a local goodwill, i spotted this lamp on a shelf. if i was in a cartoon my eyes would have done that googly eyes thing. ya know? the base is a malachite green which happens to be one of my favorite minerals. to make it even better, brass campaign corners add the perfect touch. the white lampshade was not cutting it and wal-mart and target weren't giving me better options. so... i found a local lamp and shade shop. i learned SO much about lamps and shades from the owner. it was a lot of fun. she taught me about scale and proportion. we played around with shade shapes that repeated the base shape but i ended up with a shape that was opposite the base shape (i feel like i'm writing "shape" a lot). it happened to have an extremely reflective gold inside which was awesome because i was planning to line it with gold anyway. i attached some ribbon with fabric glue and voila! i'm very happy with it. i turn it on every night and i love the light that the gold inside puts off. it gives kind of romantic ambiance and it's very relaxing. oh and a few days later i received a card from the shop thanking me for coming in. now THAT's good customer service! these photos are from my iphone (the only camera i'm using these days!) on my instagram. linked up here.

5 sweet thoughts:

Jo said...

ooh I love this! What a great job - and the gold on the inside is perfect. I've been trying to find a black lampshade with gold inside for ages. (I just discovered your blog and have to say I am loving it!) :)

breevanleeuwen said...

HI! I was trying to find Trudy's blog since she is private it doesn't pop up on the google search but yours did and it was so fun to get caught up on your life! The lamp is yummy! Congrats on your little Trudy! So beautiful! Hope all is well!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

no big deal, you just hang out at a lamp store and are an expert. that is AWESOME.

communikate. said...

You are a freaking DIY queen! I love it!

Cocalores said...

Hi you guys!

I really like your blog - lots of great ideas, pretty photos and cool DIY projects. I also noticed that we seem to like some of the same things. I've bookmarked you to check in again!