Wednesday, October 26, 2011

october has been the visitor month

we've had three different families stay with us this month. it has been so nice. our first visitors were matt, jessica, kaden and beckham. matt is traci's oldest. traci is married to dave (grant's dad). so that makes matt and grant step brothers. anyway i was so excited for them to come. they came and made it for the first mass ascension, opening day for the balloon fiesta 2011. it was crazy!!! i forget how many people come from all over the world. we left our house at like 5:15 a.m. because it started at 7, even though the grounds that they lift from are only 2.5 miles from our house! while we were there, jessica surprised trudy with a handmade beanie. it is adorable and trudy loves it.

after that we spent the next two days just hanging out and taking it easy. we played games and just talked and talked. i always feel bad when people come over because we don't really have a "family room", since it's small... i decorated the main living room like a living room. as in the place where you just visit with your home teachers. not really fit for hosting friends and watching movies and whatever else. BUT i'm not complaining! i'd much rather live here than in one of our old yucky apartments.

jessica and i were definitely friends in heaven, she is soooo amazing and i just love her so much. i don't feel like i can adequately express how amazing she is through words so i'm not even going to try (especially since my vocabulary is limited due to the absence of reading in my life). i bought stuff to do friendship bracelets but then ran out of motivation for that. maybe another time? matt is so funny and has quite the sense of humor ("trudy baby, don't be such a baby!!"... IS NOT FUNNY MATT!!!). kaden said the funniest things all weekend and beckham is just a ham. one of the funny things kaden said was while he was playing in trudy's room- "mama, trudy has a little bike, and a big giraffe to play with, and a nice bed, and books for her mommy to read to her, and look at all those blankets for her! ahh, her mommy and daddy love her, they are taking such good care of her." how cute is that? what a sweetheart.

we were sad to see them go, they were a blast to have here. you can see their blog here. cutest little family. oh and jessica... don't critique my pictures okay?

3 sweet thoughts:

David and Shalynna said...

Oh I want to come for this event. It looks so magical. I have always loved hot air balloons ever since my childhood. I think I'd be terrified to go in one, but I would love to see so many in one spot!

How fun to have so many visitors. I wish people would visit us in Atlanta.

The other day when I was saying a prayer I accidentally said Trudy instead of Trena. David corrected me after and said, "Did you mean Trena?" Haha. I guess I have your little Trudy Girl on my mind. :)

communikate. said...

Great pictures! I love hot air balloons. I'm dying to go on one. I'm thinking maybe my 30th birthday. Maybe.

Oh, and did you now we were this close to NM for a job? yep. we could of been real life pals. :)

Jess and Matt said...

You are too dang sweet. We loved hanging with you guys. I would never critique your pictures; they are always good!! I definitely agree, we were bffs in Heaven, for sure.