Tuesday, October 11, 2011

diy anthro inspired dish towel/tea towel

i've seen some diy anthro inspired tea towels around and they've inspired me to do one too. i like to keep design and decor more classic in my home. i feel like i'm always trying to tame this crazy ruffly/sparkly/glammy beast inside me. little projects like these allow me to pull out some of my favorite materials and go crazy(i knew my leopard ric-rac would work for something!). i'm acting like i went crazy with these but i really didn't. anyway i figure that as long as i keep the main things simple (curtains or rugs, couches and chairs) i can have more fun with the little details and accessorizing. i use the same concept when shopping and getting dressed. basically, i've learned with my style that i can only handle so much of anthropologie. in home decor and in fashion.
with this project, the embellishing options are endless. some of these towels i already had, other's recently came from ikea and the dollar store (red & white one). basically you can do whatever you want and create something that is practically free, homemade and more "you" versus the $18 ones at anthropologie.

the tutorial is as simple as sewing any ribbon or trim wherever you'd like. i used liquid stitch too (love that stuff). if this looks like something your interested in and you don't know where to start... i'd suggest heading to your local craft store and checking out all the ribbons and trims. there are soooo many in all different shapes and sizes. another way to come up with ideas is to actually just look at the ones at anthro. it would be easy to straight up copy some of those if you wanted! here are the ones i came up with... i'm really liking the personality they add to our kitchen.

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angela hardison said...

i love this! i've been wanting to make some of my own tea towels w/ custom designed fabric lately -- this is reminding me to do so!

Lauren K. said...

Love these! Cute kitchen towels make me happy!
(Clicked over from Christina's Adventures)

Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy said...

what amazing towels!!!! I love how simple the details are and how much they added to the towels!!!! Great project!!!! I am so glad you linked up!!!
Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

Stephanie said...

These tea towels are awesome! I am not a huge sewing fan but these just might change my mind!!


Lindsay said...

I love those towels! Super cute ideas!

malia said...

inspiring! love them! xo