Wednesday, September 28, 2011

utah trip from my phone

this last weekend we took a quick trip to utah for a wedding. as usual, we were able to squeeze in some time with some friends and family but not near enough. thankfully we shall return in a few weeks (and then christmas too) and hope to visit with as many people as we can. i don't know how many more 20 hour (round trip) car rides i can handle. we'd like to fly but then we always want to have a car there blah blah. anyway here are just a few pics from the trip.
things that i have to have on every trip? my instyle and camelbak.trudy has this thing where she will NEVER sit. she only wants to stand.things grant needs on every trip? headphones for listening to his audio books.
i think he'd really die without them. a highlight from the weekend? trudy meeting her uncle wesley. 

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