Wednesday, September 7, 2011

apparently it's zion not zions

a few weeks ago we went to southern utah for a family reunion with grant's family. it was a high adventure trip and very action packed. no kids were allowed except for our trudy baby. we spent a day in zion national park which included little day hikes. trudy was such a champ in the scorching hot sun. she put up with it for almost 6 hours. the next day was a high adventure canyoneering hike. it deserves it's own post. i wasn't able to go on it since trudy only drinks the good stuff. my sweet family drove down to see us trudy since we'd only be 5 hours from them instead of the normal 10. i met them and we were able to visit for a few hours while most everyone was on the hike. that night we had a game night and it was super fun. we played "minute to win it", which is really the perfect game to play for a big family. the next day we did bryce canyon. i have been to zion before but never bryce canyon. it was absolutely breathtaking. my family took trudy for most of the day (i was prepared. if ya know what i mean) so that grant and i could hike together. saturday we spent the day in kanab (trudy and i decided it was romper day and loved being twinners) because that is where grant's grandma is from. she had fun showing us around too. we were lucky to be there during their annual "kanab days" which included some artsy booths, a parade, and lots and lots of old old western actors that you could visit with. after that we went to the grand canyon. the trip went by too fast and we are looking forward to seeing all our family again soon! oh and clearly i have a hard time looking into the camera when the sun shines brightly.

5 sweet thoughts:

communikate. said...

gorgeous gorgeous! utah really is insaneley beautiful isn't it?!

i miss zion like crazy. springdale is one of my favorite places for great food and cute shops.

emily+brett said...

i heard the trip was a lot of fun. those first pics of trudy with her hat makes her look so grown up. i can't believe you found a hat that fits her so well. cute.

s a s h a said...

uh... i am one of those people who called it "zions." shame. shame. shame. you are trudy look so darling in your floral rompers. so happy you guys had a great time with your familia. :)

{Layla} said...

I have SO Much to say to this post!
First off, you look GREAT!!!! WOW!
2nd, Trudy is just a doll!
And all of these pictures are beautiful! I've actually never been to Zion but now I definitely must go!

Did I ever tell you that you did a fabulous job with her nursery?? Well, there I've said it all! :)

Abby said...

Wow, looks nothing like Indiana. W I must take the kids here when they are old enough to appreciate it.