Monday, August 1, 2011

she's basically my idol. n.b.d.

names are hard. you can have favorites all growing up but then when you actually have to pick one and then write it down to make it official... it's serious business. i think secretly "trudy" was probably my favorite name on our list. but then we did really have some other cute ones too and hopefully we'll be able to use them some day. typically when your throwing out names that you might possibly use for your child, if you know anyone with that particular name... you think of that person. and that can be a good or bad thing. this picture below is of my dear sweet friend trudy. we were ambassadors at snow college together and i loved her the moment i met her. i remember thinking that she had the cutest name in the world. but after getting to know her, i think i ended up liking her and her personality even more. i don't really feel i can put into words how i feel about her. especially without sounding like a lesbian. but basically she is someone that i want to be just like. she smiles at everyone, no matter where she is. she is very smart and can take in a lot of information at once. a great listener too. she is extreeeemely thoughtful and very selfless. anyone who knows her would most likely say the same things. everybody loves her, i mean she really is everyone's favorite. long ago when i thought of naming a girl trudy (was not pregnant at the time) i wanted to run it by her to see what she thought. since we both hit the baby hungry phase at the same time, we would talk names constantly. i remember the conversation exactly...

me: "wanna know what name i think is super cute, a little old fashioned and not very popular?"
trudy: being VERY concerned and wanting to know really bad... "WHAT?!?!"
me: "trudy"
trudy: "oh my gosh, I KNOW!"

can you see why i love her so much?

both grant and i feel we would be the luckiest parents if our daughter grew up to be like her auntie trudy. oh and trudy... did you see how many people love your name?


6 sweet thoughts:

michael. mindy. dane. said...

i wondered if it had anything to do with her. i love trudy! she really is so so great :)

trudy...{and jamo} said...

wow, thank you. you are so sweet, that totally made my day, i mean life! love you!!!!!!

Tyler and Jess said...

AMEN!!! Love that girl!!

Jaeme + Randy said...

Oh man I think picking a name is going to be super tough for me! Exactly what you said, I think of people I have known with that name (good or bad). It is so awesome you named your baby after someone so important to you!

Reimstar said...

Dido. I hope she reads this again so she knows I love her too and her name!

The four of us said...

Love it! You girls are so cute! Your little Trudy is such a doll Britt and your house is gorgeous!