Sunday, August 7, 2011

i never blogged about my b-day 3 months ago

grant gave me the funnest birthday and i forgot to post about it. it may be hard to believe but here in albuquerque we have the longest tramway in the world. we've wanted to go since we moved here and my birthday was the perfect opportunity. grant surprised me and planned it out perfectly so that we would be at the very tip top at sunset. it was beautiful. a little too windy but still beautiful. i love seeing these pictures of the baby bump. i can't believe that was our sweet little trudy.. just hanging out in my tummy! sometimes i really miss that bump. it was so fun feeling her inside me. after the tram we went to a very yummy italian place in nob hill and ended the night at walmart. walking down all the aisles because i would get so uncomfortable sitting or laying down and i just liked walking around. it was my exercise too. it was a really fun night.

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