Thursday, May 5, 2011

grandma's annual easter egg hunt

gosh we are behind on posts. one month left til the due date and i should probably be posting something every day until then. lots to catch up on. easter weekend we spent in utah. i had two baby showers for family and friends and it was so fun to see everyone. i wish we could have stayed longer. we happened to be there for my grandma's annual easter egg hunt and i was SO happy about that. in the past, grant has always had something else on that day so this was his first time going. cousins or uncles have borrowed grant's costume in past years so this year grant was finally able to be the easter bunny himself!

the kids were hilarious. some of them loved him.... others weren't so sure. and i don't really blame them. his face creeps me out too. our favorite lines from the kids were "MOM, did you know that the easter bunny is actually a HUMAN! I saw his neck!!!", "uuuuuummmmm easter bunny? but i didn't know you talked?!?".

3 sweet thoughts:

Romney Family said...

how fun!!! My kids asked why we couldn't go they are so sad we live so far away now and can't make it.

communikate. said...

Those faces are priceless! Love the first one.

Oh, and you look awesome! Great outfit!

preston. shawnee. cohen. said...

Hahaha what a funny costume, the face is killing me. I bet the kids were all just loving it. It was so fun seeing you at your shower Britt! I can't believe your little girl will be here in just one month... or maybe less??! .... Or maybe more.. hehe, lets hope not :) I'm so excited for you and Grant to experience everything and can't wait to see how it all happens. Love you!!!