Tuesday, February 8, 2011

nautical town


grant and i have loved these sailor knots for a while. used for a doorstop or paperweight or just whatever you want. he goes to the hardware store every night to get something else for our table and grabbed the rope we needed a few weeks ago. the tutorial we followed said that tying the knot would take 2-3 hours but it took about 5 minutes for my boy scout husband. so i suggest letting a man do the job if you're interested in this. it is a fun, cheap and easy tutorial... and that is my kind of project! i love how natural it is, it turned out perfectly! 

oh and we are not messy painters by the way. i can see the old nasty peachy color that our living room used to be. it's splattered all over the base board in that top picture. our landlord did a very silly job. we'd paint the base boards if it were our house. it still makes me laugh that he called the walls "brown".

4 sweet thoughts:

whimsy said...

i love this! and love that you made it yourself. go boy scout husbands! it is darling. thanks for your sweet comments! they totally make my day!

emily+brett said...

love. i need to start fun projects like this because my house is slowly turning into a dated, lifeless blob.

i have to comment on your post below. first...tell me about itchy skin! it is worse with your first because your skin has never stretched. don't get frightened but where my belly itched the worst was where all my stretch marks are. i really have not remedy other than, lotion, lotion, lotion! it doesn't help that i love bathes and have two a day usually. soaks all the moisture out.

second...names! girl names are such a struggle for us. i've almost been in tears a few time over our debates. brett is set on one name and i keep suggesting a million others but nothing intrigues him. it's been rough this go around. i'll probably do a post soon with all the names i like. obviously she won't be named any of them so maybe you can get some suggestions.

David and Shalynna said...

I love that look a lot. That top picture looks like it's from a design magazine or something.

You are so funny. I did see your sweet comment on Abby's blog and in answer to your question I don't think you've written anything about me going to the Celestial Kingdom. You are so funny, but I know what you mean about forgetting things and feeling like you've lost your mind. I have so many stories about being pregnant and doing things that I thought, "What was I thinking," later. I'm sorry to say, but it doesn't get better after pregnancy, at least it didn't with me. I feel about 10% less smart than I was before Oliver. Haha!

Tazz Gault said...

What lovely photography! Such simple things that come out so lovely :)