Monday, January 3, 2011

he or she?

alright. time for the details. basically the past few months have been very crazy and different. we've barely spent two weeks in our home due to lots and lots of traveling. 3 weeks in hawaii (for work) + 1 week in utah (thanksgiving) + 1 week in clovis, nm (for work) + 1 week in california (christmas) = 6 weeks on airplanes, in hotels, road trips etc. while i enjoyed being able to spend so much time with both of our families... i am so happy to be home in our bed. we actually planned to be heading back to hawaii for a few weeks this month but after a horrible throwing up experience in a random and disgusting mcdonalds... i put my foot down. can't do anymore traveling. i don't really like to complain, especially knowing stories that are ten million times worse than mine but i have basically been bed-ridden for the past 4 months. the nausea is getting so old and so is throwing up. i feel like i have to eat all the time. and i really mean ALL the time. i can have a huge meal and ten minutes later feel nauseous, keeping your stomach full at all times has become almost a stress for me. i feel like all i think about is what i can eat next. not because i have cravings or just want to eat... but because i know i will be bending over the toilet if i don't. i think it's getting better. it's sort of shifted from all day to mostly in the mornings (5 a.m. to around noon). i am very grateful for that. i feel horrible for anyone out there who throws up all day and for their whole pregnancy (my mom). not being able to keep anything down would not be fun and i am so grateful for the good solid hours that i do get almost every day. and really, when i think about it ... i will do anything in order to have a healthy baby. unfortunately because i have been so sick... i haven't really taken any pictures or written anything down. but oh well! i can only do better. i've read a lot and i really enjoy that. i absolutely love learning about what is going on inside me. we found out i was pregnant on september 30th. as of today i am 18 weeks and 1 day along. i'm due the 5th of june and we are absolutely ecstatic. i've recently been able to feel the baby and nothing makes me smile bigger. feeling little movements make me laugh. feels like popcorn popping in my belly.

grant has been absolutely amazing. from the minute he wakes up he jumps out of bed and runs to the kitchen to find me something to eat for breakfast. he has done the grocery shopping and also made the meals. i have made a few dinners here and there but i can barely go in the kitchen without wanting to die. i love him so much. he is such a selfless person and a very hard worker. he is going to be such a good daddy.

so we find out the sex at my 20 week appt. january 17th. at first i was a bit bummed that it wasn't earlier than that but now i am glad. since we are still decorating and working on projects, my goal is to have all the rooms decorated before the 17th so that then i can just focus on getting that room ready. still can't believe i am finally going to be able to decorate a nursery. would you believe me if i told you that i pretty much already have all the decor that i want for that room? he he.

any guesses on what we'll have? or what we want? we've had names picked out for both prior to this pregnancy. i can't wait to find out what it is!! oh and i have to say, obviously we are super excited for this baby but reading all the congrats comments below was and is so fun and makes it even more exciting. so here is a big hug from us to all of you. friends are the best.
i'm getting so excited to hold a baby in my arms. especially a newborn. i have always loved that newborn stage and i want to soak as much of it in as i can. tiny clothes and especially shoes just melt my heart. life is beautiful and god has everything so planned out and organized. watching my body change has been so interesting... he made our female bodies so perfectly for bringing a child into the world and then to take care of it. at least i try to focus on that when nothing fits and i only wear pajamas... :)
other than all of that big news, we've managed to sell two cars and buy two cars. paint the living room. unpack and organize our house from top to bottom. have a fabulous christmas (where our families SPOILed us to death). watch some good movies and just enjoy our time together. here's to a new year everyone! i want to make it the best one yet!

p.s. before i forget i just want to say thankyou to my shop customers for being so patient with me these last few months. i had to put my shop on vacation because it was too much for now but i do plan to open it back up eventually when things settle down a bit more.

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ChloƩ said...

yay! i loved hearing all the details! I can't wait to find out what you are having! and if i can't wait than i am pretty sure you are dying to find out! you guys will have the cutest baby in the world. i just know it. i am soooo excited for you. i am sorry you have been soo sick! i can't say that i know how you feel.. but i feel for you for sure! if you need anything at all.. you know who to call! :) i know grant is taking great care of you though :) tell him hi from sean and i! we miss you guys and love you!

David and Shalynna said...

So sorry you've been sick. You poor thing! My mother-in-law always says that it's a good sign if you a nauseous, but what about all those other people who don't get nauseous and their babies and good and healthy too? I think it's just something she says to make us sicklings feel better. :)

All of those outfits are just darling. Did you find them thrifting or are some pieces from when you and Grant were younger?

I guess that you are having a GIRL. Can't wait to find out. Do you feel like you are having a boy or girl?

ALIX said...

I have no idea what the sex of your baby could be! I can see you having a girl OR a boy... And let me tell you something, I'm usually pretty spot on with my baby gender guessing. :)
I'm so sorry you have been so sick! I would love to see your cute belly though! I can't wait to see more updates! You are amazing! I miss you!

lehi + sasha said...

oh, my!

i can't wait to see the baby wearing all these darling outfits! they are so timeless. i love all of them so much!

i'm sorry that you are feeling sick. i hope it will get better soon. i'm sure it's all worth it though.

life is so beautiful, britt. and so are you! :)
can't wait to catch up.

my guess is a boy.

michael. mindy. dane. said...

yay! i am just so excited about all of this!! i don't have any idea what you want, but i kind of think you're having a boy. but whenever i think someone is having a boy, they have a girl. so i guess i think you're having a girl? ha! when are you sharing names?? you can't just say you have names and not share! rude! :) i am so so so excited for you. i am looking at a picture of my little daner and getting so excited for. it is the best thing ever. yay!!

Emily said...

Wow! What cute little outfits! Whatever the gender the baby may be, it is sure going to be dressed well.

Ashley said...


angela hardison said...

so, so exciting... and sorry you've been so sick. i really hope i'm not sick when i (finally) get pregnant, but my chances aren't looking so good based on my mom/sister's experiences. hope you feel better soon and it doesn't last the whole time.

on a lighter note, how freakin' adorable are all of these outfits? very. you're going to have a darling, stylish baby. and i can't wait to see the nursery!

Michelle said...

Those cowboy boots might be the cutest thing I have EVER seen!

niki said...

This just fills me with butterflies. It brings back all the memories of preparing for the arrival of our sweet angel. It's a feeling you'll never forget.

These outfits are simply adorable. But I expected nothing less.

Hang in there. So sorry about all the sickness. Try eating real small meals. But continue to eat them frequently. You may not get as sick, but if you do, you'll have less to throw up.

Also, I heard everyone has one thing that helps with nausea and it's either salty, sweet, sour or spicy. Once you figure out what it is, find something little that you can have around at all times. A friend said she carried lemon drops at all times and they saved her life.

And one last thing. Ginger is supposed to be an anti-nausea. A friend also said she sucked on ginger candies and those really helped. Or you can try gingerale.

Good luck. I've never been more excited for someone who I actually didn't really "know".

Casey and Samantha said...

I can't wait to hear what you're having! You're already way more prepared for your baby than I was with either of my two. Those clothes are SOOOO cute! Congrats again! definitely keep us updated!

emily+brett said...

boys are the best! i'm guessing you want a boy because of all the boy outfits. i could have all boys after having steele. either way you are going to be the best mom. sucks you have to wait till 20 weeks. i find out a week from today! have to pay $50 but it is so worth finding out at 16 weeks.

kels&murr said...

i am in love with all of these darling little outfits!! either way your baby will be beautiful!!! i am sorry you have been soo sick... not fun at all. can't wait to hear what the gender is!!!

Kelly said...

omg, this is such a fun time. I remember, even though I got sick as well, being pregnant is simply amazing. There really is nothing like it. Hopefully your "new born" stage will be better than ours. The first few months were really rough with Cason's tummy issues so I never could really "soak in" any moments. But now? Oooooh man. I cant put him down. You will be the best little mommy. AH!! Can you tell I am excited for you? tee hee. I really am soooo sorry that you are sick. Do you wanna know a secret? I was so sick but one of my best friends who is a nurse (and was my nurse on delivery day) told me about a little potion. Ok, not potion. Concoction? Its a B vitamin with a Unisom. Now, it is a "sleep aid" but the combination of the two made my nausea ....tolerable. Plus, I had horrible insomnia so it helped with that but its not addicting. As my trimesters moved on, I would only take it if I felt like I needed it. When I started taking that, my mornings were so much better. Not to mention the 21 credits I was taking... yikes! I would guessssss.... your having a... girl!??!?!

ok, i think I should be done with this comment now. :)

Brittany said...

Hey! Crazy you found out you were pregnant on the day Ava was born and you find out what you're having on the day we move into our new house! Nausea is not fun. Hopefully it doesn't last much longer. I got to the point where I knew what to eat for breakfast so it didn't taste nasty when I threw it up. (Grapefruit and a glass of water)

The Browns said...

I have been thinking aboutyou guys a lot. It has been way too long. I am not going to lie i am kind of glad that you are not finding out until after I get back. hehe. I just want to find out in person and all of the excitement... oh the excitement! glad to hear you had a good holiday and we need to get together soon! very soon!

kaysi van dyke fox said...

i am SERIOUSLY in love with all of these cute little outfits!!! i have some major shopping to do, but i waiting to do most of it for when we go to california! h&m has super cute baby clothes and so does zara!!! you need to check them out too! im obsessed with them!