Thursday, November 18, 2010

sparkle sparkle

the day that jenna lyons wore sparkly pants and a striped tee on oprah was a day i will not forget. i mean it practically changed my life. the whole idea of just wearing whatever you want opposed to following rules is so refreshing. like how stephanie nielsen let's her kids dress themselves. kinda makes me wanna just attack those styles that i'm slightly intimidated of. i mean i would really love to wear a fur coat all the way down to my ankles. is that so crazy? i think it would, in a very cool way, take some seriousness out of life. i'd also love to wear chukka boots with sequined pants just like hers too. who thinks of harem sequined pants? sequins in general make me feel like a princess. jenna lyons, i love your style and OH how i want your job. i'd love to be able to just spend a day with you!?

jenna describing her style "there is always something borrowed from the boys and something borrowed from grandma". 

2 sweet thoughts:

Sophia said...

My best friend wore these for her wedding and I just adore them. Pictures don't give them justice. The sparkle in real life is so much better!!:)
PS-my sis left a silver sequined blazer with me when she left to CA and this post so makes me want to "borrow" it.

angela hardison said...

amen to everything you just said.

clint really hates anything sparkly, so i find myself avoiding it... maybe i should just embrace it!