Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes


can't stop listening to florence and the machine. cosmic love specifically. it is the kind of song that makes me want to scream the lyrics in the middle of the street. with my arms flailing in the wind. like if i were doing it in a music video, the camera would be circling around me. getting the picture? i love music so much. i love instruments. i want to play in a symphony or be the conductor of one. i dream of it all the time. anyway and it's really just the way this song sounds that makes me feel so free and encourages me to live more lightly. without worry or stress. to just trust in god. i'm listening to it right now. it's impossible for me to keep my arms down in the chorus... "THE STARS! THE MOOOOOON, THEY HAVE ALL BEEN BLOWN OUT!"

 today i am feeling  
so blessed. i saw an ad on craigslist that made me feel sick. i'm so determined to help. have you ever had people help when you really needed it? i have. sometimes knowing that people care just makes everything seem easier. which is the very reason why serving others is so important. i need to work on serving more. time to pay it forward.

p.s. where in the world did august GO? 

6 sweet thoughts:

lehi + sasha said...

i'm so happy that you appreciate good food, music and fashion. little things like this make our lives good. no, amazing. :)

Tatum said...

I don't remember cutting your bangs! hah! I cut and dyed so much hair while at college that it is all a blur now...I hope you liked them though!

The Bella Life said...

wow are those all antique/thrift finds? amazing... By the way I just listened to that song and pictured spinning with arms flailing while a camera circled. The only difference being I had really long, thick, wavy hair down to my butt and it looked super hot!

lehi + sasha said...

oh my goodness, are you serious?!
we must be on the same channel. i love them all. the vintage blue shoes? the little piggy? the peacoat? everything was so darling. i can't handle it. i want a baby stats.

angela hardison said...

lovely treasures!

prettylittlevintage said...

I just became a follower... Your blog is SO pretty!