Monday, August 23, 2010

summer in new mexico

i wanted to make sure and put some pictures up of places we've been this summer. we're aren't going anywhere... just wanting to stay caught up. we've had a fabulous time here. i love it here. especially our ward. i looooooooove our ward so much.

i'm horrible at blogging and email right now. i've been working hard on updating my etsy. i've got some new & fun things in store and i'm excited to share. i've also found some beautiful shops in etsy... i think i had forgotten how many treasures are hidden there (and basically waiting for me). i love to browse through shops though... it's so fun!

Blue Hole in Santa Rosa

Santa Fe

Roswell (there are aliens EVERYWHERE)
Sidenote: do not ever go to Salvation Army Thrift in this town. or a mean lady will yell at you and tell you that they are a closing. even if it is a half hour before their closing time.

Curry County Fair (Clovis)

4 sweet thoughts:

my name is lauren. said...

what a pretty and classic photo of you by the train :).

Jess and Matt said...

have I ever told you you're gorgeous...oh yeah a million times, cause you ARE! Anyway, I am so happy that you are loving it there. I love, LOVE Santa Fe, my granparents lived there. My parents have that house now and we get to go down whenever we want. I think I should plan a trip sometime, and we could venture to Alb. for a day to see you guys, take the boys to the zoo, or whatever. I am so cool to invite myself like that. I am fun, I swear ;)

trudy...{and jamo} said...

fun pictures. you guys are becoming such an awesome photographers!

The Browns said...

I sure wish that you would have taken pictures at my house because lets be honest... that was a big part of summer. thanks for being such a good friend and staying with me because i am such a wuss.